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What sets our escape rooms apart

An Immersive Experience

I know. You’ve read this in probably every escape room website you’ve visited. Why then, should you take “An Immersive Experience” seriously when we say it?

That’s because, for many escape rooms, “immersive” is just a word. Whereas for us, it’s a core principle of game design.

I truly want you to lose yourself in the game environment, leaving the reality of your everyday life behind.

That means you won’t find an old office carpet, wallpaper, or fluorescent lights inside our 14th-century castle. It means you won’t be given hints through a wall-mounted TV screen inside our 1940’s military bunker. We do whatever it takes to make the game environment come alive!

A Whole Range Of Challenges.

We consulted with some pros in theme park automation to create the best in gameplay.

That, and extensive brainstorming and construction work created a huge variety of puzzles and physical interactions using all varieties of hidden tech or “magic”.

Oh, and when I say “tech”, don’t worry. You don’t need to be computer savvy to play; all the tech is managed from behind the scenes by a dedicated game master.

Just to give you an idea, we went through over 15,000 feet of wiring to get our first 3 games operational.


We’ve seen some escape rooms go overboard into creating “intriguing” games and end up making their puzzles and tasks too difficult. Others limit the number of hints.

We avoid that.

We want to make the experience intriguing, not individual puzzles. That’s why we work on every aspect of our games, including timers, hints, and game master interactions, to make the entire experience as novel and as intriguing as possible!

Our lIVE, IN-PERSON Escape Room Games

Jingle Bells

Can you undo Slappy the elf's mischief and save Christmas for the world?

Crane Manor

Dare you venture inside, and retrieve the head of the Headless Horseman?


Lead your team of intrepid knights across dares unknown as you seek to become the ruler of Camelot.


A World War II-themed escape game, involving a raid on a mysterious bunker.

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