Safety procedures

Physical distacing, sanitization, and vaccination

Physical Distancing

All our bookings are private, and always will be. You will never be mixed with strangers.

Waivers are available to be filled out online ahead of time.


Game rooms, props, and common areas are regularly cleaned with a disinfectant.

Sanitizing stations are available in the lobby.


All of our staff have been vaccinated.

Masks are optional for all guests at this time.

Check Out Our Current lIVE, IN-PERSON Rooms

Operation Jingle Bells escape room

Operation Jingle Bells

Can you stop Slappy the mischievous elf and save Christmas Magic?

Crane Manor

Dare you venture inside, and retrieve the head of the Headless Horseman?


Lead your team of intrepid knights across dares unknown as you seek to become the ruler of Camelot.

Military escape room


Raid the Bunker. Recover the Artificat. Be the Hero.

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