Make Their Next Birthday Party One to Remember in Rockville, MD

You want your child’s birthday party to be a blast. But finding an activity that is safe and fun for all has been challenging. You start feeling sad and stressed when it shouldn’t be that way. After all, such a special occasion should be an exciting one. 

At Clue IQ, we believe every child deserves an amazing celebration, and we’re here to help make that happen. With our awesome escape games, your kid and their friends will have an unforgettable time!

A Child-Friendly Adventure Starts Here

Operation jingle bells escape room game by Clue IQ.

A Clue IQ escape room event is a fantastic opportunity for your child’s creative mind to grow. That’s because, for over 4 years, each of our spaces has offered a fun and educational experience. Check out more details below:

Unwrap the Fun: Operation Jingle Bells

Let Christmas into your child’s birthday party in Rockville, MD, with Operation Jingle Bells. This festive-themed room promises fun-filled discoveries for your little one and their friends.

The Spooky Adventure: Crane Manor

Does your little one love a good ghost story? Then Crane Manor is the perfect choice. This place is filled with ghostly secrets that will give them a thrilling experience they won’t forget.

The Quest for the Sword: Excalibur

Step back into medieval times with our Excalibur room. This medieval adventure allows your child to step into the shoes of a knight, making their celebration truly epic.

The Secret Mission: Blitzkrieg

For those who enjoy strategy, Blitzkrieg is the ideal escape room event. Your kid and their buddies will have a blast trying to recover an artifact from a bunker before time runs out.

Three players are pulling the sword of King Arthur.

Escape Games Three Steps Away

Planning your child’s birthday party in Rockville, MD, is a breeze with Clue IQ. Just follow these simple steps:


Choose a time and date for the celebration to take place.

See your child’s light up as they experience an unforgettable birthday celebration. 

Give Your Little One the Great Time They Deserve

Creating the perfect birthday party in Rockville, MD, is possible with Clue IQ. With our escape rooms, your kid will never experience a boring moment. Instead, they will only have great memories to talk about for years to come. Don’t wait; contact us today to throw a safe, educational, and super fun celebration!

Escape Room by Clue IQ

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