10 Fun Birthday Party Places in Maryland for Adults

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Birthdays are the only constant features in our life that rolls around each year without fail! Therefore, you have to do anything to make them special and memorable. If you are in Baltimore, you must know some of the best birthday fun birthday party places in Maryland for adults.

Fortunately, Maryland is home to numerous fun places that are appropriate for adults. For fun, you can visit escape rooms, play arcade games, or check out the Power Plant Live. For a calm, exciting adult get-together, you can book a venue and spend some quality time.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best birthday party places in Maryland for adults.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Fun Birthday Party Places in Maryland for Adults – Top 10 Picks

Maryland has numerous fun places for adults. It has a stunning Inner Harbor, gaming centers, entertainment centers, nightclubs, bars, venues, and much more. To give you a better perspective, below, we have mentioned some of the best adult birthday party places in Maryland:

ClueIQ Escape Rooms

On top of our list, we have escape rooms. This might seem like a kid’s place, but nobody is too old for escape rooms. They are fun, entertaining, and exciting. Moreover, escape rooms are an excellent place for team-building activities, allowing you to create better teamwork and understanding with others.

When it comes to escape rooms, your best bet is ClueIQ. At ClueIQ, you can find some of the best escape rooms suitable for everyone. The game is simple; you have to find clues and secrets to escaping a certain room.

At ClueIQ, you can experience different movie-style themes, including Blitzkrieg, Excalibur, Crane Manor, and Operation Jingle Bells. You can pick any theme and create a 2–10-person team to start the fun. Moreover, you can also get rental games and mobile games from this place! 

M Lounge Events

Next, we have the M Lounge Events. If gaming is not actually your best suit, perhaps a luxurious venue will be an excellent pick for you. The M Lounge Events is a stunning venue with a little touch of class. This one is too exclusive and only caters for private events. 

Whether you want to host a bigger birthday party for up to 100 guests or a smaller one with around 25 individuals, M Lounge Events is for you. This venue is owned by a not-for-profit organization. So, most of their profits are given back to the community.

Wonderfly Arena

Next, we have the Wonderfly arena. This one is another adult birthday party revenue, but it is for you if you want to have fun. The Wonderfly arena is home to all the fun things to play. This place is loaded with exciting activities that can help you be a child again.

From nerf wars, virtual reality, human hamster balls, arrow tag games, and bubble soccer games, Wonderfly arena is perfect for both kids and adults. With more than 150,000 players to date, you can certainly make some unforgettable memories at this arena.

Hilton Garden Inn

Another luxurious venue that deserves a part of our list is Hilton Garden Inn. This venue is big enough to host a birthday party for up to 200 people. The Hilton Garden Inn has a welcoming, large foyer with no less than 6 function spaces.

The best thing about Hilton Garden Inn is that you have access to both indoor and outdoor activities. Here you can organize your birthday party inside the venue; they also allow you to move the party outdoors. In addition, they also feature on-site catering to make your life easier.

Creative Saints Loft

Do you love art and artists? If so, Creative Saints Loft is the perfect birthday party venue for you. Unlike other venues on our list, this one is small. It has 600 s/ft space, perfect for intimate and small birthday parties. Moreover, this venue can also be used for photoshoots, workshops, and the like!

The Creative Saints Loft is located in the heart of the Hyattsville Art District. Full of life, breeze, and bright – the Creative Saints Loft can be used for all sorts of events. Here, you can enjoy a projectable flat-screen TV, surround sound speakers, free use of a cocktail table, 30 chairs, and 4 large tables.

Rockledge Mansion

In Maryland, not all venues make it to the National Registry of Historic Homes. However, Rockledge Mansion is firmly on that list. This place was built in 1759 and offers an intimate ambiance. But this venue still accommodates up to 100 guests.

For history buffs, the Rockledge Mansion will be a fun birthday party place. Here, you will be able to enjoy traditional décor and texture, including the working fireplace. This one is not for you if you want a full-service venue, but you can rest tables and chairs.

Power Plant Live

For most adults, a birthday means nightclubs and drinks. If you are one of those, you must visit Power Place Live. This one destination has everything you need for your adult birthday parties. It has a series of music venues, restaurants, nightclubs, and bars.

The Power Plant Live is located in the heart of the Inner Harbor – one of the most famous spots in Baltimore. You can visit this place to get a holistic experience that is ideal for adult birthday parties, sporting events, launch parties, and adult get-togethers.

The 13th Floor

If you are looking for a Baltimore’s point of interest, then your search has come to an end at the 13th Floor. This place is actually a lounge area and picturesque rooftop bar located at the Belvedere hotel. The city from this bar looks completely majestic with a modern edge. 

The 13th Floor is an excellent place for you if you are to host an adult birthday party for up to 100 guests. Here, you can get a full bar and restaurant experience as they offer both delicious dinners as well as mouth-watering beverages. Drinking and joking around at the 13th Floor with your friend will certainly make some unforgettable memories.

Arcade Arenas

Last but not least, we have the Arcade Arenas. Nobody is too old to play arcade games. It is a perfect place for you to live your childhood again. At Arcade Arena, you can find some of the best games, making it perfect for both adults’ and kids’ birthday parties.

Arcade Arena is an excellent place for you to bond with your kids. Here, you can show how cool you are by playing Pac-Man and Dig-Dug with your kids.

Final Thought

Maryland is home to numerous fun activities and places. It is perfect for both kids’ and adult birthday parties. For adult parties, you can book venues, bars, and escape rooms. While venues and bars are good for adult parties, arcade arenas and escape rooms will offer unforgettable memories.

Your final selection will depend upon your budget and guests. If you want to party with adults, bars and venues are perfect for you. However, if you want to spend some quality time with your family and kids, you should visit Arcade Arenas and ClueIQ Escape Rooms!

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