Top 12 Amazing Birthday Party Venues in Maryland for Adults

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Looking for ideas on how to host a lavish birthday party in Maryland? We got you covered!

A birthday is one of those constants in life that rolls around every year without fail. While we embrace the excitement as children, the thrill starts to fade with age. Exploring the mountain of gifts, attending fun-filled parties, or blowing out the ceremonial candle suddenly isn’t as appealing.

As adults, we treat birthdays as milestones, and the benchmarks are 21, 30, 40, 50, and 60 years. But you don’t have to reach a milestone to celebrate a birthday. And we strongly recommend celebrating every year. The arrangements don’t have to be lavish as long as you’re having fun.

Top 12 Birthday Party Venues for Adults in Maryland

Here are our top picks for the best birthday party venues in Maryland.

Create Memories at Wonderly Arena

Wonderly Arena packs every essential amenity you need to throw a lavish birthday party. From bubble soccer games to human hamster balls, arrow tag games, nerf wars, and more, you’re spoilt for choice.

Wonderly Arena is aptly named “a home base for all things play.” The venue offers an extensive list of fun and games for adults and kids. So, if you’re planning to invite the extended family, the kids can have their fair share of fun too!

Groove to the Music at Club Charles

Get your friends over for a relaxed yet fun evening and groove to the beats at Club Charles. The place offers great food and excellent entertainment and is affordable. The venue is one part dive bar, one part Lynchian fantasy, while the rest is a hipster hangout.

The ambiance resonates with the macabre theme and is complete with red interiors and a suit-wearing skeleton standing guard over the beer list. Check in with friends and spend the evening over some fantastic cocktails. The place has a fantastic dance floor to try out your moves.

Impress your friends with a dance-off and party till the wee hours of the morning. Club Charles is the perfect place for the party animals. There are several other party hubs nearby if you’d like to check them out. Our top picks include music bars in Canton Square, Fells Point, and Federal Hill.

Gaming at the Arcade

If you’re a gamer, arcades are the perfect place to host your birthday. There are several arcades in Maryland, and most of them have an excellent gaming collection. From classic games like Pacman and Dig-Dug to modern alternatives like pinball, etc., there is no shortage of exciting options.

Spinners Pinball Arcade is one of our top picks as they have the largest selection of classic machines. For a more modern experience, you can drop by Dave & Buster’s. Their eclectic gaming system collection includes some of the top-selling systems like Nintendo Switch, Game Cube, and PlayStation 4. Book your slots in advance for the best experience.

Let Your Spirit Soar at an Indoor Trampoline Park

As another year goes by, spend the day reminiscing your childhood at an indoor trampoline park. Have fun with your friends during the day before heading out for a drink or a party after dark.

Air Bound Trampoline Park is one of our top picks. It’s an excellent place to hang out with family or friends and try new parkour moves from the jumping platforms to the foam pits. And the best part is you can bring kids along too.

Unleash Your Inner Party Animal

If you want to party the night away, Belvedere & Co is the perfect place to relax over a couple of drinks. Located in the heart of the city, the rooftop lounge offers some of the most spectacular views of the Baltimore skyline.

The venue can accommodate up to 100 guests and is the perfect setting for a cozy dinner. Guests can expect full restaurant and bar service, and the vibe is simply amazing. For a more casual experience, you can visit one of the local pubs and dance the night away to crazy EDM and hip-hop tunes.

For a more unique experience, visit a country-line dancing spot like CBS Baltimore or a vintage jazz-themed pub like The Elk Room or Keystone Korner. There is an infinite number of bars and clubs to dance the night away. You just have to take your pick.

Drop by Power Plant Live

Located in the heart of Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor area, Power Plant Live is the city’s one-stop partying destination. With a series of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and lounges along the streets, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Power Plant Live is perfect for hosting a birthday party for adults. There’s no shortage of fun things to do. From lounging with your buddies to participating in sports, the place is ideal for casual meetups.

Hop Aboard a Cruise

The Inner Harbor is one of Baltimore’s prized possessions. Hop aboard a cruise and explore the hidden gem while celebrating your birthday with close friends and family. Several tour operators can make it happen. Urban Pirates is one of the top names in the region.

The tour starts from Fells Point and takes you through some of the most breathtaking views of the city. Each of the electric-powered boats hoisting pirate flags and flaunting fake cannons has room for up to six guests on board. Enjoy a dinner cruise or book a narrative tour for the best experience.

You could also get aboard the Baltimore Water Taxi to experience excellent night views of the harbor as you sail along the shores. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what cruise you pick, as Inner Harbor is beautiful throughout the day.

Watch a Live Baseball Game

If you’re a baseball fan living in Baltimore, watch a game when the Orioles are playing. Camden Yard comes alive on matchday with hundreds of fans cheering for their favorite teams.

The Orioles were at the top of the game between 1964 and 1983 and won three World Series, six pennants, and nine division championship titles. Don’t forget to groove to John Denver’s “I‘m a country boy” during the game. The classic song is played during the seventh innings.

Experience the Magical Side of Maryland

If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, there’s no better way to throw an adult birthday party than by spending a day at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum. Among the several exhibits on display, artist Patrick Acton’s immaculate model of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry stands out.

Intricately crafted from over 600,000 matchsticks, the mesmerizing model is the perfect addition to Ripley’s wacky collection. So, if you’re interested in unusual illusions and other weird attractions, put on your top hat and drop by for a fantastic experience.

Watch a Movie with Friends

Movies are a great way to spend your birthday with special people. Watch the latest flicks during the day and head over to a local pub in the evening. The Charles Theatre is a top draw in Baltimore. Originally a streetcar barn, the theatre later moved to its current location.

The five-screen theatre premiers the latest blockbusters and a wide range of independent movies. The theatre hosts the annual Maryland Film Festival, which is a hotspot for film lovers from across the state.

Throw an Escape Room Birthday

Escape rooms are the ideal place for hosting birthday parties. And the thrilling experience isn’t reserved for kids. Most escape rooms can make special arrangements to accommodate your guests. All you need to do is pick a game that you like and reserve your slot.

If you’ve never played an escape game before, this is the perfect excuse! And if you’re near Baltimore, Washington DC, or Frederick, visit Clue IQ, Maryland’s #1 escape room. Browse our library for the widest choice of games and take your pick. Whether you like solving crimes, paranormal thrills, or mysterious quests, we have something for everyone to enjoy.

Watch a Band Perform Live

If you love live music, Maryland has several fascinating opportunities for you to explore. The MECU Pavilion is one of Baltimore’s prime attractions. The venue isn’t just famous for hosting several famous performers from around the world but also for its striking architecture and breathtaking views of the Inner Harbor.

There are over 4,000 guest rooms in multiple hotels in the area. And accommodation isn’t an issue even if you’re visiting just to watch your favorite band perform on the stage. Take a look at WTMD’s First Thursday calendar for free events. Several performances from talented local artists are scheduled between May and September every year.

Are You Ready to Host an Epic Birthday Party?

Maryland has several exciting opportunities for hosting a birthday party for adults. And if you’re having a tough time deciding what to do for your birthday, the ideas above should come in handy!

We’ve shortlisted the best activities in the state to help you stay busy. But if you’re looking for recommendations, we suggest throwing an escape room birthday party.

Escape games are fun, family-friendly activities that keep players occupied for hours. So, drop in with your mates for a thrilling experience. Clue IQ has a wide range of exciting escape games to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Book your slots today!

We accept group bookings for corporate team-building events, bachelor parties, reunions, field trips, and other events. You can visit our website to learn more.

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