10 Reasons Escape Rooms are Great Team Building Activity

10 Reasons Escape Rooms are Great Team Building Activity

10 Reasons Escape Rooms are Great Team Building Activity.


Corporate team-building events are traditionally hosted outdoors or at convenient public locations. However, conventional ice breakers and get-to-know-me questions don’t cut it anymore.

Modern leaders need virtual team-building solutions for their remote workforce. And as a team leader, you must often wonder how to keep your team motivated and foster a collaborative spirit.

When you’re dealing with a group of professionals, you tend to notice the stress that people undergo every day. A foolproof way to help your employees recover is harboring the feeling of solidarity at the workplace.

Since escape rooms are more demanding than other team-building activities, they’re perfect for corporate events.

The Benefits of Hosting Corporate Parties at an Escape Room

Here are the top ten benefits of hosting your next team-building event at an escape room.


Booking a venue arranging for accommodation and food for a weekend-long corporate event is expensive. Escape rooms are surprisingly affordable in comparison. You save a significant sum by avoiding hefty hotel charges while achieving the same results.

Escape rooms fulfill all your team-building expectations at a fraction of the costs of hosting a weekend excursion. It’s an affordable way of bringing your workforce together and harboring feelings of camaraderie.

Plenty of Options

Escape rooms come in various shapes and sizes. So, pick a theme that you fancy. Put your heads together, decide on a plot everyone likes, and make a reservation. For instance, if your teammates determine that they’re excited about investigating the paranormal Crane Manor, then that’s what you’re doing.

You should also shortlist the skills you want to cultivate in your team. For instance, mystery-themed puzzles are excellent for nurturing a keen eye for detail. While detective-themed games are perfect for racking your brain cells.

Choose Between In-Person and VR Experiences

In-person escape rooms are perfect for hands-on interaction without distractions. But if your employees are located in different regions, arranging an in-person experience isn’t an option. This is where virtual escape rooms enter the frame.

Hosting a virtual escape room comes with a unique set of challenges. For starters, the communication barrier is difficult to overcome. However, virtual escape rooms are just as efficient for team bonding once you get past the initial problems.

Highlights Strengths and Weaknesses

Escape rooms force players to step up to the challenge. Thus, exposing people’s strengths and weaknesses. The one you took for a natural leader might not excel at taking charge, while the quiet guy might be a natural.

Escape rooms bring out the best and worst traits in every player. You will be surprised by the sheer number of skills that an escape game brushes. We recommend booking a session once a month. It’s an excellent way to reveal a player’s hidden talents.

Promotes Camaraderie

A single person can’t solve an escape room within the timeframe as they’re designed to be a group activity. Teamwork is crucial if you’re to escape the room before the clock stops ticking, and that’s a significant motivation for the players to put their heads together and work towards a common goal.

Everyone plays their part inside the room. Whether you’re finding new puzzles or solving existing riddles, no one remains uninvolved. Escape rooms promote camaraderie and boost team performance by motivating players to work together.

Think Outside the Box

Escape rooms force players to encounter unexpected challenges and develop a solution within a deadline. Players aren’t used to being under such pressure in everyday life and are forced to think outside the box. Culminating this habit has several benefits in your personal and professional lives.

If a team is used to getting things done in a certain way, escape rooms help break the shackles of the comfort zone by forcing players to think on their feet. Looking at a problem from a different angle has its perks. It helps build perspective and develop new skills to tackle the issue.

Manifest Leadership Skills

To cover more ground within a short span, a leader must split the group into small teams, delegate tasks, and help them spread out in every direction. However, effective communication is crucial for seamless performance and timely results, and the leader is responsible for bridging communication gaps.

Since not all groups work like well-oiled machines, individuals with natural leadership instincts are forced to step up their game. This highlights people with natural leadership qualities, and the talent can then be honed for real-world applications.

Improves Time Management Skills

Most escape games are designed to be played within an hour. Due to the time crunch, players must make the most of every minute. Since wasting time isn’t an option, players are forced to work in unison and accomplish tasks as quickly as possible.

Players can’t afford to sit around as they must hustle to make sense of the clues and puzzles scattered within the room. Splitting up and working in a synchronized manner is the best display of time management skills. It empowers players to count on themselves, generates confidence, and saves a lot of time for everybody.

Promotes Creative Thinking

No matter how many escape games you play, you’ll never be fully prepared for a new escape room. Players must tackle new problems on their feet as there is no way to prepare in advance. You can have a brief insight on what to expect inside the room, but that’s about it.

Escape rooms present the perfect opportunity to solve problems in a low-stakes environment. Put your heads together and get creative to solve the puzzles within the deadline and survive the challenge.

Improves Communication

Does your team interact socially outside of office hours? If not, do they know each other well enough for complete trust? Escape rooms can generate trust by promoting communication outside of work.

Once the clock starts ticking, players have no choice but to interact with one another if they’re to escape the room in time. No matter how silly your idea might sound, no one will judge you for it. This helps shed the initial inhibitions while nurturing creative ideas, which is necessary for complex scenarios at work.

Have Your Booked Your Next Escape Room Experience?

Escape rooms are excellent team-building activities and are great fun for the entire group. If you’ve never played an escape game before, we highly recommend you try one. If you’re near Frederick, searching for an “escape room near me,” visit Clue IQ, the best escape room in Maryland.

Check out our extensive escape game collection and pick a room you like. Our escape room experiences are exclusively crafted for delivering immersive entertainment. So, get ready to create exciting memories for a lifetime!

What are you waiting for? Book your spot now!

We accept group bookings for corporate events, birthday parties, and other occasions. So, get your team together for 60-minutes of uninterrupted excitement.

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