The 10 Highest Rated Restaurants in Frederick MD in 2022

The 10 Highest Rated Restaurants in Frederick MD in 2022

These are the best places for dining out in Frederick.

Frederick is one of the top tourist destinations in Maryland for history lovers, adventurers, and foodies.

Thousands of visitors drop by each year to experience the culture and local cuisine. This has led to an influx of eateries from street-side vendors to opulent restaurants, serving up a delicious fare.

If you’ve recently moved to Frederick or plan on visiting soon, here’s everything you must know to explore the food scene like a connoisseur.

Top 10 Must-Visit Restaurants in Frederick in 2022

Let the adventure begin!

  • Dutch’s Daughter
  • The Orchard Restaurant
  • Black Hog BBQ
  • Jojo’s Restaurant & Tap House
  • Thacher & Rye
  • Brewer’s Alley
  • Mezeh Mediterranean Grill
  • Manalu Italian Restaurant
  • The Wine Kitchen on the Creek
  • Mayta’s Peruvian Cuisine

Dutch’s Daughter

Dutch daughters frederick

Dutch’s Daughter has been an integral part of Frederick’s culinary scenery since 1984.

The restaurant was initially located in the VFW Country Club before moving to its current location in 2000.

Dutch’s Daughter offers a premium and opulent ambiance perfect for celebrations.

It’s among the top venues in Frederick County for celebrating birthdays, parties, weddings, and other occasions.

You must try the Dynamite Shrimp, the Hot and Spicy Shrimp, Grilled Tenderloin Steak with Mushroom, Cheese, and Onion with Bonus Fries on the side.

Other must-tries include the Grilled Chicken Chesapeake and the Oyster Sandwich.

The Orchard Restaurant

The Orchard restaurant

Residents of Frederick County have been enjoying freshly prepared food items at The Orchard for the past thirty years.

Located in the city’s heart, this restaurant is within walking distance of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

The Orchard is one of the highest-rated restaurants in town and is especially popular for its vegetarian preparations.

The chef prepares homemade dishes with a local twist. And all the ingredients are locally-sourced and organic.

Must-try preparations include Crispy Southwest Chicken stuffed with jack cheese, cilantro salsa, red onion, avocado and remoulade, and Mediterranean stir fry.

While vegans love gluten-free, organic rice and vegetables.

Black Hog BBQ

Interior view of Black Hog BBQ

Established in 2007, Black Hog BBQ prepares several unique styles of smoked beef.

Patrons consider the restaurant the best BBQ in Maryland for its savory and tasty offerings. Every dish is prepared from scratch, ensuring the best taste.

The wooden interiors accentuate the casual ambiance. And it’s the perfect setting for family outings and dining out with friends since the menu will please hardcore foodies.

Visitors must try the Texas Beef Brisket and the Arkansas Brisket. Patrons recommend ordering a platter for a heavier meal.

You can add buffalo-style chicken wings with ranch dressing with every order, along with other popular side dishes like mac and cheese.

Sweet potatoes are an excellent option for satiating your sweet tooth.

Black Hog BBQ is a household name in Frederick, and the chain has two more stores across Maryland.

Jojo’s Restaurant & Tap House

Known for serving the best food, excellent music, and an overall great time in Frederick, Jojo’s Restaurant & Tap House is an ideal place to hang out.

Apart from the daily specials, the restaurant also has twenty-six varieties of craft beer on tap.

Guests can enjoy a live performance while sipping on a cold brew with close friends.

A semi-private dining room offers privacy while accentuating the casual vibe.

Try their signature Grilled Salmon and Scallop Risotto.

Pasta lovers will not regret ordering pesto pasta.

Daily specials like maple-grilled pork chop are a delicacy.

Wait for the specials menu to be up before placing your order.

Thacher & Rye

Formerly VOLT, Thacher & Rye is chef Bryan Voltaggio’s brainchild.

Despite being one of the newest entrants in Frederick’s culinary scene, the restaurant has already impressed all those who’ve dropped by.

Chef Voltaggio was always known for using fresh ingredients, and Thacher & Rye is no exception.

The swanky décor accentuates the casual theme, further enhancing the dining experience.

The multi-course offerings at lunch are the restaurant’s biggest draw.

The seafood tower followed by the meaty rigatoni pasta highlights the meal.

The ribeye and hanger steak are the ideal entrée, while sticky toffee cake is the perfect dessert.

Brewer’s Alley

entrance to brewer alley restaurant

Founded in 1996, Brewer’s Alley is Frederick’s first brewpub.

If you’re looking for an authentic local dining or pubbing experience, nothing beats this colorful joint.

Patrons love the American-style cuisine, a large selection of ales, and a well-rounded menu.

The wooden interiors of Brewer’s Alley further accentuate the old-school feel.

You must try the original Alley burger stuffed with onion rings, tomato, and lettuce. Other fan favorites include Pete’s Pulled Pork Burger.

The meat is smoked for over 12 hours for that perfect taste and texture.

The spicy IPA shrimp pasta is another popular delicacy here.

You must order some Kolsch or Indian pale ale to wash the food down.

Mezeh Mediterranean Grill

outside Mezeh Mediterranean Grill

Originally from northern Virginia, Mezeh Mediterranean Grill was founded in 2013.

It has expanded to over three dozen locations across the USA in states like North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

If you’ve always wanted to taste Mediterranean cuisine, Mezeh offers the perfect dining experience. It’s one of Frederick’s best restaurants and offers a calm and relaxing dining experience.

You can place custom orders here, and the chef prepares your meal from scratch using fresh ingredients.

Try the bowl filled with greens and basmati rice and add the spicy chicken shawarma or kebab for a meal.

Add the Turkish salad, spicy feta dip, or Lebanese tabouleh on the side.

Manalu Italian Restaurant

Founded in 2014, Manalu Italian Restaurant is a family-owned business serving authentic Italian delicacies.

It’s a favorite haunt for the locals who love the food and the flair. The patrons also love the stocked bar here.

Start your meal with the crunchy calamari fritters and dip it in marinara for an extra kick.

You must also try the baked baby shrimp with Italian herbs and the Gamberi Gratinati. Manalu also serves classic Italian dishes like puttanesca alongside pasta with marinara sauce, anchovies, capers, black olives, and garlic.

For more spice, you can add Arrabbiata to a dish.

We recommend adding a Margherita pizza to your order for an authentic Italian meal.

The Wine Kitchen on the Creek

Established in 2011, The Wine Kitchen on the Creek serves patrons who love wine and dine.

This casual bar is one of the best places to drop by with friends at the end of a hectic week. The menu includes a dozen beers, 40 wines, and a long list of classic cocktails.

The Wine Kitchen on the Creek locally sources its beef from the Rosenda Angus Beef Ranch. So, the food is always fresh.

The Sunday special menu includes cornmeal pancakes with fresh whipped cream.

You could also order fresh oysters any time of the day.

Must-try items on the menu include the Hangover Helper, a delicious open-faced wagyu burger, and the classic steak and eggs.

Their ecstatic experience cocktail is a cult classic and will leave you wanting.

Mayta’s Peruvian Cuisine

Mayta’s Peruvian Cuisine has been serving the taste of South America in the heart of Maryland since 2016.

The restaurant is the go-to place for the locals during weekends and occasions. And the pocket pinch isn’t extravagant.

If you want to enjoy global cuisine without going broke, Mayta’s is the place to be.

Savor the flavorful dishes originating in Peru or pick from the fusion menu. Their Chinese-style seafood paella is a must-try.

You should experience the fresh scallions and seafood in fried rice tossed with Peruvian soy sauce.

Don’t miss the Ceviche seafood marinated in fresh lime juice for an authentic Peruvian taste.

What Are Your Plans This Weekend?

Frederick’s culinary culture flawlessly infuses global flavors to give the local tastebuds a fresh kick every time.

So, if you’re visiting Frederick this year, drop by the places above for the best local experience.

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