The 10 Most Exciting Things to do in Germantown MD

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Here’s everything you need to know to explore Germantown like a local.

Germantown, MD, is one of Montgomery County’s primary attractions. The small-town charm is addictive and will quickly grow on you. If you’re visiting for the first time, you’ll enjoy the several scenic spots near town.

Bohrer Park, Butler’s Orchard, and the Great Seneca Valley Stream Park stand out among several local attractions. You’ll also relish the art galleries, farmers’ markets, and museums. Not to mention the numerous restaurants and shopping centers!

Top 10 Local Attractions in Germantown

These are the ten must-visit places in Germantown, MD.

BlackRock Center for the Arts

a presentation at blackrock center for the art's main stage

One of the leading art galleries in town, BlackRock Center for the Arts, hosts visual art performances, exhibitions, community art education, etc. The venue exhibits the best work from the top local talents.

And the performances include pop, rock, jazz, blues, classical, and folk musicals, apart from theatrical shows, dance performances, etc. You can buy tickets for the shows or check out their calendar on the website. Visitors can opt for a guided tour of the center or venture independently.

Butler’s Orchard

Butler’s Orchard farm market

Butler’s Orchard is a family-run farm and market in Germantown that has been operational for the last three generations. The farm grows over 25 plant varieties on 300 acres of land, and visitors can pick their own produce.

Butler’s Orchard hosts several family-friendly activities throughout the year. And the list includes bonfires, hayrides, pumpkin harvest tours, etc. The market sells some of the freshest local ingredients harvested from the farm apart from preserved items like honey, apple cider, etc. Their highlight is the annual Pumpkinland celebration, where artisans craft fascinating creatures out of pumpkins.

Bohrer Park at Summit Hall

Playground at Bohrer Park at Summit Hall

One of the most popular community parks in the area, Bohrer Park at Summit Hall offers tons of exciting activities for visitors of all ages. The multi-use path is ideal for walking, running, biking, or skating. Visitors can also spend time at the adjoining golf course, while the other top attractions include the visitor center, a skate park, and a water park.

Also in the vicinity are two open fields and ponds where fishing is allowed. Kids will love running around in the playground or practicing their moves at the volleyball net. Visitors can easily host a picnic or open-air party at any of the numerous picnic pavilions. If you are looking for things to do in greentown md this weekend. this should top your list.

Gaithersburg Arts Barn

Gaithersburg Arts Barn

The Gaithersburg Arts Barn is an old stable beautifully renovated and converted into an arts center. The barn is part of a more extensive Arts on the Green initiative, a collection of visual and performing arts venues. The center hosts several events throughout the year.

Visitors can spend hours exploring the gallery space and admiring the rotating visual arts exhibits. There’s also a studio where guests can watch the artists at work. The Gaithersburg Arts Barn offers a range of education programs and classes for community members. While the City Art Shop has an extensive collection of gifts, jewelry, and apparel.

Great Seneca Stream Valley Park

Great Seneca Stream Valley Park

A beautiful natural park boasting many magnificent sights, Great Seneca Stream Valley Park is home to the scenic Greenway Trail. The trail meanders around the stream and joins the other trails in the greenbelt system. It’s popular among bikers, hikers, and runners.

The Greenway Trail is the hub of wildlife sightings, and visitors can watch several bird species in their natural habitats. The park also hosts several events, while the amenities include canoe and paddleboat rentals. Visitors can also spend time at the picnic pavilions or spend a quiet day relishing the peace and tranquility away from city life.

Lancaster County Dutch Market

Lancaster County Dutch Market

A farmer’s market that has operated for the past two decades, the Lancaster County Dutch Market offers various products from several local farms and vendors. The produce is generally locally-grown and includes home-made cheeses, candy, baked goods, Amish soft pretzels, flowers, etc.

The market operates every weekend and attracts local families and visitors from nearby counties. Foodies will love the open barbeque pit that serves chicken and rotisserie rabbit, and there’s also a full-service restaurant. The market regularly hosts exciting events and holiday activities and is extremely popular with the locals.

Hunt View Riding Academy

If you’ve always wanted to learn the equestrian way of life, Hunt View Riding Academy is the place to start. The professional riding school and boarding stable is an integral part of the Maryland Horse Industry. And the facility has several certifications from the Department of Agriculture.

Hunt View Riding Academy is spread over acres of prime land for the students to get the hang of staying aboard the saddle. And class options include group and private sessions. There are no age restrictions, and students as young as 6-years are often seen honing their skills. The academy teaches various equestrian styles, including English, Western, and trail riding.

Gaithersburg Community Museum

Gaithersburg Community Museum

Gaithersburg Community Museum is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting the local community’s history. The institute specializes in railroad transportation and is located inside a restored B&O Railroad Station dating back to 1884.

The museum has several interactive exhibits and educational programs apart from the Freight House, and the list includes a rolling stock exhibit and a historical park. The train collection consists of a 1950s Budd car, a 1918 steam locomotive, and a C&O Railroad caboose.

Washingtonian Paddle Boats

Washingtonian Paddle Boats is a renowned boat rental company located in the heart of the RIO Washingtonian Center. It’s a family-friendly destination perfect for spending a day out with kids.

The boats come in several funky designs and colors and have room for four passengers and a child. Kids above the age of one can accompany adults on a ride. However, the boats can only be rented during the season and if the weather permits. And the company provides all necessary safety measures like life jackets and a brief survival guide.

Schaeffer Farms Mountain Bike Trail

Schaeffer Farms Mountain Bike Trail

Schaeffer Farms Mountain Bike Trail is the perfect fit if you love spending time outdoors. The scenic trail runs 15-miles and is quite challenging at times. The trail includes several bumpy patches and is exclusively meant for professional riders. However, amateurs can have fun on most sections of the stretch.

The course offers several different trails depending on your skills and fitness level. The picturesque scenery includes streams and vast stretches of open fields ideal for picnics. There is plenty of parking space near the park, and the spots are marked. If you’re interested in turning it into a long weekend, pitch a tent in the several camping zones and explore the Seneca Bluffs and the Ridge trails.

Have You Packed Your Bags Yet?

The beautiful Germantown community is the epitome of bustling suburban life. If you like spending time away from the humdrum of city life and miss the quiet outdoors, it’s time for a vacation!

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