Top 7 Things To Do When You are Stuck Inside An Escape Room

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 There are plenty of things to do when you are stuck inside an escape room.

If you’ve played enough escape games, you’ll get stuck eventually. We’ve all been there! Staring aimlessly as the timer counts down, pulling on locked doors, and hoping for a miracle. However, when nothing seems to be helping, it pays to get your mind straight and fight your way back.

While escape rooms are thrilling, things can quickly take a U-turn when the situation stops going your way. Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro, you’re bound to get stuck at some point. And that can be highly frustrating. However, there are several things that you can do to get unstuck. Here’s the list.

What to do When You’re Stuck in an Escape Room?

Follow these seven steps if you’re stuck in an escape room.

Work Together

This might seem like a no-brainer since teamwork is the essence of every escape game. However, most people tend to deviate from the basics in the face of adversity. The trick is to regain your confidence and get back on track.

Communication is critical when working with a team. If you find a new puzzle or a clue, inform your teammates, so they don’t keep searching for the same props. This saves valuable time and increases your chances of beating the clock.

If you’re stuck with no respite in sight, take a few moments and revisit the progress made so far. Your teammates can often lend interesting insights to complex problems. So, ask for help or switch a puzzle with a teammate.

Maybe the clue you were seeking was just five feet away, and you needed a new perspective to recognize it. Sometimes you just another person to tell you how to do things. And that’s what your teammates are for. Working together will make things easier for everybody.

Take a Break to Gather Your Wits

Escape games are designed to test your memory, observational skills, dedication, and deductive reasoning. But maintaining composure every time isn’t easy, and you’re bound to lose patience at some point.

When the situation arises, it’s essential to take a break. A breather isn’t a sign of weakness or giving up. Just because a puzzle was designed to give you a hard time doesn’t mean you must suffer endlessly.

Learning to take a break is an important life lesson imparted at advanced escape rooms. You can either spend a minute in silence or walk over and see what your teammates are doing to clear your head.

Once you’re away from it all for a while, return to your puzzle with renewed energy. If you work with a clear head, at some point, you’re bound to figure out the problem staring you in the face. So, don’t quit!

Search the Room Again

Good escape room habits include thoroughly searching every corner of the room at the first attempt. However, amateur players often miss the intricate nooks and crannies. If you’re stuck on a particular problem, sift through the room once again, this time making sure that you look through every shelf, under rugs, behind frames, and everything in between.

It’s easy to miss a spot the first time you look at a room, even if you’re a pro. So, retrace your steps till you find the missing parts of the puzzle. Who knows, you could uncover new clues or make the connection between existing puzzles.

Maybe there’s a hidden section in the drawer that you missed during the initial assessment, or a part of a wall swings open. Look out for weird shapes, patterns, colors, sounds, or smells, as they could all be hidden clues.

Look around the room, under the table, chairs, or sofa, every piece of décor, and maybe you’ll find something important required to connect the dots. The easiest clues are often the hardest to find as they hide in plain sight.

Revisit the Plot

Rewind to the time when you entered the room and pay attention to the plot. Think about the storyline, the main characters, the props, and how they fit into the frame. Focus on the characters when you first entered the room and their role at present.

Is there a specific historical event or place that relates to the plot? You may find that overanalyzing a storyline often reveals interesting secrets that may have been overlooked the first time.

Piecing together the key details not only reveals the codes or clues to a particular puzzle but also explains why you need to escape the room. Remember this tip at the beginning of the game to avoid revisiting the plot later. But if the need arises, you know exactly what to do as walking around aimlessly isn’t going to help.

Shortlist Unused Clues

If you’re sitting on a pile of unused clues, shortlist them so that they’re easy to access. Take a minute to think about how they might fit together, what locks they might open, or under what circumstances you came across the clues.

Designate a good area in the middle of the room for gathering unused hints and ask your teammates to follow suit. You can keep reciting the clues to your teammates to memorize the list and recollect when the time comes.

Try rearranging the code if you’re struggling with a tricky combination padlock. Have you considered the possibility that you’re using the wrong set of clues to solve a particular problem? That’s where the new clues come in handy. Sift through the pile and try something else.

Ask for a Hint

There’s no shame in asking the gamemaster for help every once in a while. After all, their primary task is ensuring that everyone’s having a great time. You don’t want to go home thinking about the countdown clock ticking away. So, seize the opportunity.

A hint simply guides your ideas in the right direction and keeps a smile on your face. So, if your team is having a hard time coping with a problem, it’s time to ask your gamemaster for help.

Every escape room has at least a couple of complimentary hints. So, don’t worry about breaking protocol. If you’re well behaved, maybe the gamemaster will give you a little nudge every now and then for free.

Stay Positive

At the end of the day, you’re at an escape room to have fun. Never forget that! As frustration and stress kick in, remember that’s precisely what you’re trying to overcome. If you can solve the first few problems without a hitch, you’re well on your way to escaping the room.

Remember, communication and teamwork are the keys to beating every challenge. A little positivity goes a long way in re-energizing the team and motivating players to work towards a common goal.

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