20 Fun Things To Do With Family Near Me

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Family occasions can be pretty dull! Yes, we all agree, but what if you turn that around a bit? 

Take your lovely family over to a place that caters to every age group. The fun will be double than usual, and it will not be boring anymore. You get to see a lot of drama, and at times you might even need to save a drowning family member. 

Are you ready to make things go wild? A little responsibility is to be taken from your end, so things do not get out of hand. But rest assured, you’ll have a fun time with your loved ones! 

And what better place than taking a trip to Frederick, Maryland! If you are a local, then this blog is also for you! 

Explore ahead to find 20 fun things to do with family near me

1. Downtown Federick

Downtown Frederick is a historic town that has a lot to offer. From shopping to dining to art galleries, Downtown has everything for all age groups. 

You can take your family to this lovely district and leave everybody on their own. Not the kids, of course! Shop, eat, play, drink, stay, watch movies and concerts, and appreciate art galleries and antic stores! 

The most family-friendly attraction Frederick has to offer, explore Downtown for an entire day! Head here to find the best places to eat, shop, drink and stay!

2. Tour the Monocacy National Battlefield

The American Civil War was fought here in the Monocacy National Battlefield unit of the National Park Service. The tour takes you on a natural as well as a historic ride. 

The best family activity to do is pack a picnic and take your family to this scenic farm with flora at its best. Have some tea by the Monocacy River, followed by an afternoon nap for the elders while the kids have lots of accessible areas to run about or play a sport. 

Explore the battlefield and the restaurants surrounding the Park. 

For a self-tour of the area, head here

3. Activities in Catoctin Mountains

Catoctin Mountains is home to the Presidential Suite, Camp David! 

A thing to do with kids, the mountain ranges offer pleasant hiking trails, fishing, mountain biking, and horseback riding through the wilderness. You can hike to the waterfalls, Cunningham Falls, which is about 78 feet from sea level. 

Head to this website for more information on the mountain ranges.

4. Weinberg Center for Arts

The Weinberg Center for Arts is home to a various range of musical, artistic, and dramatic programs. Shows, concerts, and drama performances take place from September through June each year. 

If you are not around during the typical hours, you can take a tour of the backstage as well. It offers you a glimpse of ancient Frederick. A definite family event!

5. Clue IQ Escape Room

Escape room games are a great family bonding activity! Each one brings their own perspective on how to solve a certain riddle, and after putting your heads together for almost an hour, you finally escape the room! 

An unforgettable family experience, Clue IQ offers a range of escape room games to choose from that is immersive and mindblowing. Curated with the utmost care, visit us if you are around Frederick! 

Escape rooms also make excellent team-building activities.

6. Watch a Baseball game!

A unique family thing to do is watching the Keys play baseball at the Harry Grove Stadium

Catch a match at the stadium and if it is off-season, take a tour of the backstage. The stadium provides backstage tours, which consist of American history, Keys history, and their players that have changed with time. 

You cannot miss this if you are in town!

7. Visiting Wine Trails 

Frederick, Maryland, has the most fantastic wine trail to provide in the entire USA! There are countless wine trails, each brewing its own with unique and savoring tastes. 

One of the fun things to do with family near me, here is a list of wine trails to visit. Pick anyone at the moment if you do not have much time, and spend a day knowing about the culture and the tradition of fermenting grapes to make wine.

8. Ghost Tour

Make sure to do a ghost tour of the city. Due to Frederick’s historical culture and the part of the American Civil war that was fought here, this old town in Maryland offers an unusual ghost tour! 

An unforgettable thing to do while in Frederick, Maryland, here is a blog to explore the ghost tours! 

9. Visit the National Museum of Civil War Medicine

A historic place that consists of fascinating stuff about medicines and how it has changed over the course of the years from the American Civil War to now. 

You can take a tour of the museum that takes you around the historic days of how a day looked like in the ancient times in the life of a doctor or a surgeon. 

Take a trip down America’s memory lane! Explore more on this website.

10. Carrol Creek Linear Park

One of the unique parks, Fredrick has to offer, Carrol Creek Linear Park is surrounded by a big water garden filled with natural flora! 

Take your family on a little visit from June to October. The park also consists of incredible art installations and historic bridges.

11. Utica District Park

Another Park in the town, Utica District Park, offers a good family-friendly party venue. You can hire horseshoe pits, grills with ball fields, trails, and a big playground. 

Explore here for more information!

12. Flying Dog Brewery

Frederick, Maryland, is home to many great distilleries and breweries, providing one of the best in the country! 

Located in Downtown Frederick, Flying Dog Breweries, is the biggest brewery in town with the best tasting room. With more than 30 years of experience, Flying Dog brews craft beer as art. They also have a few legacy beers that were banned by the jurisdiction. 

If you are a beer person and in Frederick, Maryland, you cannot miss visiting this place. 

13. Cafe 611

For the family that eats together, Cafe 611, is especially known for bringing the flavors of the south to Downtown Frederick. The cafe features local bands and comedians, and also provides a great date night for a family! 

With excellent service and friendly staff, Cafe 611 is a must-visit if you are in town.

14. Baker Park

A perfect family event can be held in Baker Park! Located at the heart of Frederick, Baker Park consists of multiple playgrounds, biking lanes, and a fantastic lake view! 

Festivals are also held here with sporting events, concerts, and many more recreational activities! You can also get your pet here. 

To explore more about Baker Park, visit here! If you are around Frederick on the 4th of July, do visit this place which has a lot to offer!

15. Strawberry Picking

Frederick also has the red strawberries during the season of May and continues through June. The best family activity Frederick provides you can pick your own strawberries. Each place has time to pick fruits, called pick-your-own-farms. 

Explore more on this website!

16. Adventure Park

A haven for kids and adults alike. Urban Air Adventure Park has mane trampolines, obstacle courses, laser tag, coasters, bumper cars, climbing walls, tubes, and many more adventurous light things to do. 

The best indoor activity for kids, Frederick has to provide!

17. Dine in at Hooch and Banter

Hooch and Banter provide a modern-day American menu in style. With an open bar and restaurant-style seating, you can grab a good dinner with your family aanytime. 

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your birthday, Hooch and Banter is the place! To discover more eateries in Frederick, head here.

18. Eat ice cream at Frederick Fudge & Ice Cream

The best ice cream in town, Frederick Fudge & Ice-cream shop, has a shaded patio with homemade fudge, hand-dipped ice cream, and many more cold treats paired with a whimsical and old-fashioned theme! 

19. Frederick Visitor Center

The building is from the late 1800s that offers a lot of exhibitions from the olden times. Frederick Visitor Center also has an acclaimed theater to watch the latest cinemas. You also get all the information about Frederick and what it has to offer. 

If you are travelling with a bunch of kids, you should be here!

20. Roads & Rails Museum

A detailed model of a railroad, Roads & Rails Museum is a 3D model consisting of buildings, rails, roads, walk-in mountains, valleys, a zoo, cars, bikes, villages subway, a metro, and a circus! 

The museum is complete with sound effects and visual effects with brilliant lighting and a gift shop!

If you have as a family has discovered a better fun place to go with family near me, tell us all about it in the comments below! 

If you are still exploring more places to visit in Frederick, here are some more options! 

Hope you had a great stay! Until next time. Cheers!

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