What Not To Do In A Escape Room: Things You Should Avoid

Jan 31, 2023 | Escape Room, Family, Frederick MD | 0 comments

Playing an escape game can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, but it requires strategy, communication, and problem-solving skills to succeed. When first starting to play, it’s typical for beginners to make the same mistakes in their initial escape room games. Don’t worry, though – everyone must start somewhere! 

This blog post provides a beginner’s guide for escape room players and a list of things you should avoid doing in an escape room.

Don’t Make These Mistakes In An Escape Room Game

Avoiding Communication

While it’s true that playing an escape game requires strategy and problem-solving skills, you can’t succeed alone to win an escape room; you must work as a team, sharing information and collaborating on tasks. You will likely get stuck and frustrated if you try to go it alone or compete with your teammates.

Bringing Phones

Phones are great for making calls, sending messages, and accessing the internet, but they’re no help when trying to escape an escape room. Phones can be a huge distraction during an escape game and, if misused, can even get you kicked out of the room. So for your own sake, we recommend leaving them outside the escape room at all times.

Acting Destructively

While it’s true that some escape rooms are built with breakable items, displays, and artwork, these should be left alone. Not only can such behavior upset the staff running the escape room, but it can also jeopardize your chances of escaping successfully.

Not Following Directions

One of the biggest mistakes among beginners occurs when players in the escape room do not follow instructions carefully. Each room has a story and clues to help players succeed, but you must pay attention to these carefully to avoid missing essential hints and getting stuck in the process. So be sure to follow all instructions closely, and feel free to ask for help if you require help figuring out what to do next.

Not Trusting Your Teammates

Playing an escape game makes it natural to feel competitive as everyone tries their best to win. But when this competition turns into mistrust and rivalry between teammates, you’ll likely make poor decisions.

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