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As a business leader, it’s clear that your team is having difficulty collaborating with each other, communicating effectively, and aiding incoming employees to adjust. You recognize that you need to find an enjoyable way for everyone to bond without feeling pressured or uncomfortable – this is where escape rooms can prove helpful!

At Clue IQ, we design and craft personalized escape room games featuring mechanical riddles and amazing gadgets that demonstrate the ultimate test of teamwork. With our selection of dynamic puzzles, you will be taken to a world filled with captivating moments and interactive experiences that build trust and bolster communication, essential elements to work within your team.

Choose the Adventure That Best Fit Your Team Interests

Team-building games unlock unlimited potential, and we recognize that no two teams are alike. To help you discover the right fit for your team, we offer a variety of exhilarating experiences to choose from!

Operation Jingle

This escape room game follows the story of Santa’s Home, where you and your colleagues are put to the test as you try to restore all systems of Christmas magic worldwide within 60 minutes. Can your team come together in this thrilling adventure?

Crane Manor

Are you up for the challenge of restoring tranquility to Sleepy Hollow? Gather your 4–8-person Paranormal Response Task Force and head to Crane Manor. Here’s the mission: find that Horseman’s missing head before time runs out – can you succeed in just 75 minutes?


Are you and a few of your co-workers up for an exciting challenge? King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have guarded Camelot until now, but it is time to bequeath their legacy. Merlin will put you through a 60-minute trial that tests if your team is worthy enough to don the crown and brandish Excalibur.


Can your team handle a daring mission? You are the chosen ones to sneak into an enemy bunker, secure an invaluable artifact and escape within 60 minutes – before it’s too late. Are you ready to save humanity?

Get That Team Building Going with Clue IQ

Don’t let your business waiver and fall into a path of failure. Stop searching for escape room games in Frederick, MD, and contact Clue IQ to gain all the advantages of team bonding through an enjoyable yet unique experience! Call today to book your work event immediately – don’t hesitate any longer, or you’ll miss out on this incredible opportunity.

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