7 Amazing Weekend Getaways Near Maryland: 2022 Edition

7 Amazing Weekend Getaways Near Maryland: 2022 Edition

What are your plans for the first weekend of 2022?

Maryland is renowned for its fantastic beaches, excellent trails, and proximity to Washington DC. And if you’re a travel buff, winter is the best time to explore the several offbeat nooks and corners of the Old Line State. If you want to explore new places while avoiding the crowd, a winter excursion is a must on your bucket list!

The 7 Best Places in Maryland for a Winter Escapade

We’ve compiled a list of the seven most eccentric places in Maryland to visit this winter. How many are on your bucket list?


While the town’s charm is best felt during summer, there is something exciting about visiting Annapolis during the winter. The city turns into a magical wonderland with fewer crowds during the Holidays. And this is a treat for avid shoppers.

Head downtown and immerse yourself in a shopping spree. And if you want more, visit Arundel Mills Mall, Maryland’s largest outlet mall. Annapolis’s other notable shopping districts are Maryland Avenue, Main Street, and City Dock.

When you’re done shopping, head over to the Jolly Express cruise on the river. Ticket prices include a 45-minute cruise, hot cocoa, great music, and everything you need to have a good time.


Cumberland is a terrific place to visit if you love exploring the great outdoors. Home to 70,000 acres of plain land, the town hides some of the best trails in the state. Visit Rocky Gap State Park and explore 3,000 acres of rugged mountainous terrain.

You can enjoy a hike, head out on a bike trail, or visit Lake Habeeb, a 243-acre reservoir. The lake freezes during winter, which is perfect for ice fishing. If you’re in town, don’t miss Green Ridge State Forest. The place has over 50 miles of hiking trails and is a traveler’s paradise.

Enthusiasts can also spend a day at the Allegany Museum, home to the county’s rich heritage and Appalachian Maryland’s geographical, cultural, and commercial heritage.

Chesapeake Beach

Located on Maryland’s coastline, Rod ‘N’ Reel Resort is one of the most prominent places for vacationers. The resort has over 72 cozy and exquisitely decorated rooms for guests. While the restaurant serves some of the most lip-smacking delicacies from the region.

If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation, the Chesapeake Beach Salon & Spa is where you should be headed next. Spend a relaxing evening with an exclusive massage and feel the tension evaporate.

The nearby North Beach is a major attraction and is famous for ice fishing during the winter. If you’re into casual gambling, there are two casinos in the resort where you can try your luck. Other nearby attractions include the Bayside History Museum and the Chesapeake Bay Railway Museum.


Located in central Maryland, Frederick is a historical town with several interesting places. From WWII-era structures to magnificent natural wonders, Frederick never ceases to amaze travelers.

If you’ve never visited before, Cunningham Falls State Park, Rose Hill Manor Park, Children’s Museum, and the National Museum of Civil War Medicine must be on your bucket list. And if you have time, don’t forget to check out Clue IQ escape rooms, Maryland’s #1 escape room.

Clue IQ hosts fantastic room escape games that offer an immersive, family-friendly experience. Take your pick from an expansive escape game selection and start gaming today!


Baltimore has several fascinating winter escapades for the adventurous bunch. You can plan a romantic date with your significant other or take the kids out on an epic adventure to Mimi DiPietro Ice Skating Rink or Pandora Ice Rink.

If ice-skating is not your forte, visit the Baltimore World Trade Center Observatory to soak in the breathtaking views of the skyscape. Tickets are priced at $5 for kids and $8 for adults. Other notable attractions include the Inner Harbor of Baltimore and the Maryland Science Center.

See the historical USS Torsk and the USS Constellation up close and familiarize yourself with American history. Astronomy enthusiasts will love the Ramsey Observatory and its countless temporary and permanent exhibits.

Eastern Shore

Two things are constant on Maryland’s Eastern Shore – water and seafood. Winters on the Eastern Shore offer several novel options for a fun-filled vacation. While seafood lovers won’t be disappointed by the fresh oysters available in the region, the vineyards along the Chesapeake Wine Trail are the ideal place to try some of America’s finest wine.

Bay Wolf, The Harrison House, and Chesapeake Landing are three of the top restaurants in the region and a must-visit on any foodie’s map. Don’t miss the opportunity to try raw, steamed, or fried oysters when you’re in town.

If you like spending time amidst nature over a glass of local wine, Costa Ventosa Winery, Bordeleau Vineyards, and St. Michael’s Winery are the top three picks. Take a road trip to nearby Virginia and Chincoteague for some of the best-tasting brews in the region.

Sandy Point State Park

Located near the Chesapeake Bay, Sandy Point State Park is a public recreational area famous for its swimming beach. However, the crowds are thinner during winter, making it the ideal time for exploring the area.

The park isn’t massive and can be explored on foot. So, wear your walking shoes if you plan on taking a scenic hike. Among the several scenic trails in Sandy Point, Blue Crab Tail and Symbi Trail stand out. While the former is perfect for birdwatchers, the latter doubles up as a cycling trail that takes you through an old pine forest and marshes.

Sandy Point State Park is the hub of social activities during winter. And with over 60 unique displays during the holiday season, the park is brimming with activity. Take the Polar Bear Plunge, for instance. Participants contribute $75 each for a chance to leap into the freezing waters of Chesapeake Bay in January to support Maryland’s 7,782 athletes.

Have you Planned Your Trip to Maryland Yet?

Maryland might not be the largest state in the country, but don’t let its size fool you. Packed with some of the most exciting activities for travelers, a trip to Merry-land can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From conventional vacation activities to novel experiences, several adventures await in Maryland.

One such excursion starts in Frederick. Clue IQ escape rooms offer the most advanced escape room experience in Maryland. Get your squad together and experience 60-minutes of unadulterated thrill. So, what are you waiting for? Book your slot today!

15 Amazing Wintertime Activities in Maryland

15 Amazing Wintertime Activities in Maryland

How many are on your bucket list?

Maryland’s diverse range of activities makes it an ideal place to visit during the winter.

On the one hand, you can ski down the quaint slopes of Western Maryland, while on the other, you can still enjoy the beaches.

This unique combination makes it possible to try your favorite wintertime activities like ice fishing and snowmobiling simultaneously with summertime favorites like afternoon walks and shopping.

On that note, here are the fifteen most excitable wintertime activities in Maryland.

15 Exciting Wintertime Activities in Maryland

We’ve got everything from outdoor adventure to treats for your sweet cravings on our list.

Try Your Hands at Sledding at Patterson Park, Baltimore

Patterson Park in Baltimore lies under a white blanket during the winter.

This is the perfect time to reach the top and make your way down on a sled.

Perched atop the hill is a beautiful pagoda, which offers the most stunning landscape view.

Don’t forget to start a snowball fight with friends while you’re up there!


Go Ice Fishing at Deep Creek Lake

While most people head to Deep Creek Lake for a swim during summer, this 3,900-acre lake changes color as winter approaches.

The frigid lake is the perfect destination for ice fishing in winter.

So, put on your gloves, coat, and hat, grab your pole, bait, and hot chocolate, and spend a day ice fishing.


Ride a Snowmobile at Garrett County

If you’d like to ride a snowmobile, head to Garrett County.

The Snowdrifters are an ace snowmobiling club that you can join for a whole lot of fun and frolic.

Since the locals are acquainted with most hidden trails, you’ll get the best experience riding with the club.

The Garrett County Snowdrifters offer one-day memberships. Although, you can stick around for longer.


Try Ice Skating in Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis has an incredible ice-skating rink that opens to the public every winter.

You should avoid the holiday week since the venue is always overcrowded.

Grab yourself a season pass and wait for a bright day to practice your ice-skating skills.

You won’t be disappointed.


Spend a Day at Wisp Resort

While Wisp Resort is a snowboarder and skier’s paradise, it packs several entertainment options for the laid-back traveler.

If you’re not in the mood to don a pair of skis and hit the slopes, hang out by the fire and sip on a cup of hot cocoa.

The bottom line is Wisp Resort has a long list of activities to keep everyone entertained.

If you haven’t found your favorite activity yet, you haven’t looked hard enough.

Solve an Escape Game at Clue IQ

Escape rooms are fun, especially when you’re playing with friends or family.

So, if you’re near Frederick, head out to Clue IQ, the #1 escape room in Maryland.

Escape room IQ offers a vast collection of exciting room escape games that offers 60-minutes of unadulterated fun.

So, pick your favorite puzzle and book your slot now!


Take a Train Ride Through Picturesque Western Maryland

The snow-covered mountains of Western Maryland are the perfect setting for a romantic weekend getaway.

The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad cuts right through the heart of the Allegheny Mountains and makes for the perfect escapade for two.

Don’t Miss the Six Flags Great Adventure

A kid’s favorite haunt! The epic rides, bright lights, and holiday treat highlight this family excursion.

So, grab the kids and head over to Six Flags in Prince George’s County on the weekend.

Don’t forget to click a picture with Santa once you’re done with the exciting rides.

Visit the Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum

If you love trains, you can’t afford to miss this one. The Festival of Trains is held annually at the B&O Ellicott City Station Museum from November through January.

You’ll find model railroads and toy trains with exceptional details.

There is also a Lego train if you’re interested in building a model from the ground up.

Watch the Lights Parade at the Eastport Yacht Club

Have you ever watched sailboats decked up to match the holiday spirit?

The Lights Parade at Eastport Yacht Club is where it happens.

The club hosts the event annually, and participants can grab their favorite latte or wait for dinner after the show ends.


Catch the Mesmerizing Lights Display at Sandy Point State Park

This fun beach destination turns into a holiday wonderland with crazy lights displays during winters every year.

Decked up for the holidays, Sandy Point State Park hosts over 70 static and animated light shows that you can watch from the comfort of your vehicle.

The event is a must-visit if you’re in Annapolis.

Enjoy Baltimore Restaurant Week

Held in January every year, the Baltimore Restaurant Week is the best time of the year to address your hunger pangs.

All eateries, from street stalls to fine-dining restaurants, offer significant discounts on the menu.

Some even go as far as serving three-course meals for as little as $20.


Check out the Winter Wonderland at Gaylord National Harbor

Every winter, National Harbor turns into a winter wonderland, complete with intricately carved ice sculptures.

The details will blow your mind, and needless to say, the event is viral among the residents.

While the theme changes every year, you will always find Father Christmas looking over the event.

You can also turn the one-day affair into a weekend excursion.

Don’t Miss the Festival of Trees

The Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Festival of Trees is a mind-boggling event where 600+ spectacularly-decorated Christmas trees are lined up for public display.

The event is held at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium and lasts for three days.

Popular activities include games, crafts, carousel and pony rides, and Santa Land.

Take a Stroll Through Downtown Annapolis

While there is something magical about the city in the summer, the charm of historic Annapolis amplifies during winter.

The cobblestones open as the tourists disperse, and wreaths and garlands are hung on the classic light poles.

Take a walk through downtown Annapolis for a holistic history lesson.

And grab some hot cocoa from a streetside café if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat.


We’re Thrilled About Winter. Are You?

All these crazy activities have us pumped for winter, and we can’t wait to try them out this year. Which of the above experiences are your favorites?

We’re incredibly thrilled about the escape room experience.

Do you know any escape room enthusiasts? Clue IQ gift cards would make their day!

If you like this blog and would love to read more, follow this link to our blog section. Get in touch with our team for reservations or other queries.

10 Fun Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids in Maryland

10 Fun Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids in Maryland

Don’t let planning a winter birthday party for kids give you the chills!

Just because it’s freezing outside doesn’t mean you can’t have fun indoors. From throwing a slumber party to planning an elaborate scavenger hunt, here are our top ten picks on how to plan a winter birthday party for your kids.

The 10 Most Intriguing Winter Birthday Ideas for Kids

Are you ready to chase the winter blues away?

Swim and Slumber Party

While house parties are fun, hosting a slumber party at a hotel is even better as you don’t have to clean up the mess after. Book a suite overnight, preferably one with a jacuzzi, and turn it into a swimming party.

Maryland has several properties with all the amenities that you need. Find a hotel with indoor pools and meeting facilities, and you’re all set for a pool party bash. Have a theme in mind? Inform the hotel staff, and they’ll make all the necessary arrangements.

Lego Party

While several craft stores host Lego parties for kids, you can arrange the same at home at a fraction of the cost. If you’re expecting a bigger group, buy small Lego kits that the kids can build or arrange for plastic buckets with various Legos. You’ll find large assortments on eBay.

Accentuate the theme by creating Lego cardboard cutouts, a Lego-shaped birthday cake, and arrange scavenger hunts with Legos. You can also prepare Lego-filled goodie bags for the young guests.

Ice Skating Party

Winter birthday parties are unlike any other. Take the younglings to an indoor ice-skating rink for a lesson that they’ll love. Arrange for a beginner lesson in ice-skating for the first-timers and teach the pros some new tricks.

Most ice-skating rinks have trainers and beginner courses for kids. You can purchase tickets on your own instead of opting for group packages if that’s cheaper. Bring the celebrations home in the evening with a winter-themed cake and decorations.

Escape Room Party

Continuing with adventure-themed birthday parties, escape rooms are the ideal venue for celebrating your kid’s birthday in the winter. Kids escape room offers immersive, family-friendly, wholesome entertainment that will keep the little ones occupied for hours. So, if you’re near Frederick this year, visit the #1 escape room in Maryland.

Clue IQ hosts a long list of engaging room escape games suitable for children of all ages. And if you’re searching for kids’ birthday party places, we have all the necessary resources you need to throw a grand party. So, what are you waiting for? Book your slots today.

Wonderland Party

Winter wonderland-themed parties never cease to amaze kids. Decorate the venue with cotton-lined floors, hanging snowflakes, white mini-lights, white balloons, and bowls of sugar plum candies.

You can also make gingerbread houses by gluing graham crackers together and decorating them with candies and icings in different colors and flavors. While the glue dries, arrange a cookie bar where the kids can decorate their favorite cookies using their wildest imagination.

Chef Party

If you’re hosting a birthday party for kids aged 14 and above, a party where the kids can prepare their meal can be a fun experience, provided you follow specific protocols. For instance, kids love pizza parties! Start with the dough divided into small balls, provide bowls of shredded cheese, tomato sauce, and assorted toppings and let the young ones get creative.

Make the invitation in the form of menus and prepare mini chef hats, aprons, and wooden spatulas for the young guests. Once the pizza is ready to bake, the adults can take over the baking. You can use the leftover dough for baking dessert pizzas with ice cream and Nutella toppings.

Mall Hunt and Movie Party

Shopping malls are a great place to celebrate your kid’s birthday during the winter. Not only do they have sufficient space to host several fun games for the little ones, but the food court offers a wide variety of treats that the kids will simply love.

You could plan your kid’s birthday party at a shopping mall in Maryland. Ask the staff to organize a scavenger hunt, followed by a movie that the kids will love, and include a meal plan to end the day on a positive note.

Hockey Game Party

If your child loves outdoor sports, it makes sense to throw an action-packed hockey game birthday party. Look for a birthday party package on your local team’s website or buy group tickets to a pro-game. If you’re on a budget, purchase tickets to high-school, college, or junior high games and check the local rink for league matches scheduled at the time.

League matches are generally free, and some are even played in fun centers where you’ll find other activities like mini rides, laser tags, and arcade games that the kids will love. You could also organize an ice-hockey match at the local rink for the kids or pick up goody bags packed with hockey merchandise and water bottles.

Puppet or Theater Party

Most puppet shows and theater performances are lined up in the winter season. Take the kids to a local event and end the day with a hearty meal at your kid’s favorite restaurant.

You could bring the party home by serving dessert. Plan the goodie bags accordingly by including playbill-styled autograph books with pens, which will come in handy later.

Rock-Climbing Party

Give your kids the best experience of their lives so far by introducing them to a rock-climbing gym. You’ll find plenty of exciting places in Maryland. The best venues offer the perfect challenges for energetic kids. Start from beginner-friendly levels and scale your way up.

If it’s the kids’ first visit, book a party package. This will typically include a trainer, a set of instructions, and the gear that you need to stay atop the rocks for hours. When the kids are tired from all the action, drive them to a local restaurant and let the feast begin!

What Are Your Plans for this Winter?

Planning your kid’s birthday party this winter doesn’t seem challenging, does it? Embrace the coldest months of the year with a cozy indoor celebration by taking advantage of all the amenities that Maryland has to offer.

And if you’re looking for quirky birthday venues in Maryland, Clue IQ escape room is the perfect place for the job! From escape rooms for couples to group sessions, we offer a wide range of puzzles for your entertainment. For queries, get in touch today.