Enjoy Christmas Merry-land style!

The most eagerly-awaited time of the year is here. It’s time to huddle around friends and family, head out to see Christmas lights, dine out with loved ones, shop local, and go on a vacation. And if you find yourself in Frederick, MD, this year, here’s everything that should be on your bucket list.

Top 10 Things to do in Frederick this Christmas

From highly-anticipated Christmas events to action-packed escape rooms, prepare to set the stage on fire.

Frosty Friday

Last-minute Christmas shopping can be extremely tough. Thankfully, the stores in Frederick do their bit every year to ease shopping woes. From complimentary wrapping and shipping to extended store hours, accessible restrooms, and parking spots, prepare to kick off the festive season in style.

Shoppers can participate in scavenger hunts, stroll through the historic district, enjoy holiday-special deals and discounts, and listen to live music throughout the day. The ambiance swiftly changes as the sun sets as the community comes alive with Christmas lights and cocktail competitions.


Cocktail Competition: Frederick’s local bars and restaurants conjure up a signature Christmas cocktail menu between 4 and 7 PM. 

How would you like to usher in the holiday season with a healthy dose of tasty cocktails? Don’t miss the MD Holiday Cocktail Competition if that sounds like a plan.

You can vote for your favorite cocktail based on aesthetics on the Downtown Frederick Facebook page. And the cocktail with the most likes wins the coveted Holiday Cocktail Competition.


Santa Train

It is a truly unique experience for families in Frederick as they ride through the picturesque countryside with Santa Claus for over an hour. Santa Train is a must-try this Christmas if you have kids at home.

The highlight of Santa Train is a visit from Father Christmas as he approaches every passenger with a surprise gift.

Kids also love the Winter Express tour that’s packed with loads of fun activities like holiday art and crafts, musical acts, pajama parties, and tasty treats.


Maryland Christmas Show

Maryland Christmas Show is an elaborate Christmas fair combining a crafts exhibition, antique shop, and farmer’s market that everyone loves unequivocally. It’s the best place near Frederick to pick up premium Christmas home decorations.

You can access the best local artisans, decked-up Christmas tableaus, and mouth-watering treats for a nominal entrance fee. Maryland Christmas Show is a prime attraction for families in and around Frederick and tourists.


Escape Room Maryland

Nothing compares to the excitement of solving crazy puzzles with friends during the holidays. So, get your gang together for some unfiltered thrill at ClueIQ escape rooms in Frederick. Loaded with exciting games that promise to blow your mind, ClueIQ curates immersive and unforgettable family-friendly adventures for small and large groups.

That’s not all. Escape IQ is hosting an exclusive Christmas-special escape game called Operation Jingle Bells. It’s a limited-time deal. So, book your slot before the window closes.


Scavenger Hunt

Christmas scavenger hunts are pretty popular around Frederick. So, when you’re on a shopping spree, keep an eye out for bright silver-and-blue light burst displays alongside the Christmas lights.

Over 200 storefronts in Frederick’s shopping district have these colorful displays. All you need to do is guess the number of light bursts in total, and you stand a chance to win an exclusive gift card that can be redeemed in any store in the shopping district.


Art Competition

The Delaplaine Visual Arts Center in Frederick is hosting a holiday art competition this Christmas. Check out the beautiful original art and craft collection from local artisans and craftsmen from various backgrounds.

Celebrate Frederick’s diversity at this colorful event as you usher in the holiday spirit with winter-themed artwork and presentations. As the event comes to a close, the judges’ panel picks a winner from the eclectic mix, and the artwork will be on display throughout the following year. You should try and guess who’s taking home the prize for some additional thrill.


Holiday Lights Tour

Christmas is incomplete without a holiday lights tour. And if you’re in Frederick this year, take a stroll through the brightly-lit avenues downtown to immerse in the festive cheer. Most residents put up astonishing music-themed light displays and brightly-lit Christmas trees at home. And that’s a sight to behold.

Proceeds from the Frederick Holiday Lights Tour go to local charities supporting the local community’s children. Visitors get a map, a booklet, a chance to vote for the best-decorated house, and a lucky draw entry along with every ticket.


Sail Through the Winter Solstice

A truly Merry-land experience awaits the residents of Frederick every year. Lighted and decorated sailboats line Carroll Creek Park while a sailing light installation floats between November and February.

Please take a good long look at each boat since they represent different charities. And every dollar that you donate casts a vote in favor of your chosen sailboat. The best time to visit is after sunset as you can’t catch the intricacies in the daylight.


Candlelight House Tour

This self-guided walking tour in Frederick will take you on an excursion through the vintage private houses of the community. Relish the intricate Christmas decorations of the elaborately adorned houses.

The list of houses changes every year. So, there’s always something new to look forward to. Keep an eye out for novel architectural elements, brightly-lit Christmas trees, and learn more about Frederick’s history.


Start Prepping for Christmas Today!

Christmas is a great time to explore Frederick, MD. From its old-world charm to communities steeped in Civil War history, the city comes alive with bright décor and festive cheer as winter approaches. So, if you’re new in town, the charming town will keep you busy.

But if you want to explore a different side of Frederick this Christmas, we recommend playing a thrilling escape game with friends and family. If you know someone who has never visited an escape room before, gift them an escape room voucher this Christmas. Happy holidays!