Transform Your Corporate Event into an Adventure in Rockville, MD

Are you tired of the same old team-building activities at your corporate events? Do you want to offer everybody a unique experience but feel anxious trying to find the perfect venue? If that is your case, you are not alone. Many managers believe planning a great gathering shouldn’t be hard, and at Clue IQ, we know they are right. 

As a solution for their struggle, we’ve offered for over 4 years our escape room experience. Through it, you can plan the fun and immersive corporate event in Rockville, MD, that you’ve always wanted. 

Team Building Can Be Fun at Our Escape Rooms

Scanning station at the North pole escape room.

Our escape games can help your team improve many skills, from critical thinking to quick problem-solving. Plus, these can later be applied in the working environment for the benefit of everyone. So, explore what each of them has to offer below: 


For a Festive Vibe, Choose Operation Jingle Bells

Embrace the holiday spirit any time of the year with Operation Jingle Bells. This escape room will transport your team to Santa’s workshop, where they must work together to restore Christmas Magic before time runs out. Can your team save the holiday season?


For a Spooky Adventure, Go into Crane Manor

Step into the eerie world of Crane Manor. In this space, your team will delve into the dark secrets of Sleepy Hollow. Can they uncover the truth about Ichabod Crane and put the Headless Horseman to rest for good?

For a Legendary Quest, Look After Excalibur

Travel back in time to the age of knights and kings with our Excalibur escape room. Your team will face several challenges to claim King Arthur’s crown. Can they do it? 

For a Secret Mission Take on Blitzkrieg

Engage in a strategic mission set during World War II with Blitzkrieg. This escape room offers a unique blend of history and strategy. Can your co-workers overcome the challenges and claim victory?

Escape Room by Clue IQ

Can You Escape? Put Yourself to the Test

To get your team-building activities scheduled with us, follow these three steps: 



Simply check the availability of our escape rooms on our booking calendar.

Book the perfect time and date for your event.

Plan your dream corporate event in Rockville, MD.

Take Your Work Team Through an Incredible Experience

Leave the disappointment of a dull corporate event in Rockville, MD, behind with the help of Clue IQ. Our escape rooms will give you the space to create a gathering perfect for team building. So, plan the event you’ve always wanted for your co-workers at Clue IQ. We promise a transformative experience that no one will forget soon. 

Six players are happy to escape the room at Clue IQ.

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