Celebrate Your Birthday Party At Clue IQ in Frederick, MD

The Perfect birthday parties are not just about presents and cake; they are about creating memories with the people you love. What better way to do that than by solving puzzles and cracking codes in one of our escape rooms?

At Clue IQ, we have several different escape rooms available so that everyone can find the perfect one for them. Whether you have a group of kids or adults, our escape rooms will provide a fun and challenging experience for all.


Escape Rooms For Special Events & Private Celebrations

We have the perfect options for your next birthday celebration – from adults to kids’ escape rooms and team-building activities. You’re guaranteed a great time with friends and family, making memories that will last forever!

Check Out Some Of Our Awesome Rooms

Our escape room games are the perfect addition to any birthday celebration! Take on the challenge and see if you can solve the puzzles in time to escape.

Operation Jingle Bells

Slappy, the evil elf, has kidnapped Santa and is holding him at the North Pole! Gather your friends, set out on an adventure to save Christmas, and stop Slappy.

Crane Manor

Join the Paranormal Response Task Force and help rid Crane Manor of the Headless Horseman once and for all.


 Join other knights on a quest to find King Arthur’s missing crown, reclaim the sword Excalibur, and take control of Camelot.


This WWII special ops team aims to find a mysterious artifact by accepting various challenges.

Ruluco Island (Mobile game)

If you’re looking for a great activity for large groups, look no further! We’ll come right to your location – your office, hotel room, school campus, or conference center.

Book Your Birthday Party Today &  Celebrate In Style!

Book your birthday party today with Clue IQ, and let us assist you in celebrating in style! We have many different escape rooms, each providing a fun and unique challenge. Whether your group comprises children or adults, we guarantee that everyone will find an escape room they’ll enjoy. Get your tickets now!


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