Your Gateway to Unforgettable Fun: Escape Room Event in Frederick, MD

Looking for an event that’s both fun and challenging can be exciting. Remember, a fantastic mix of unique and entertaining activities is waiting to be found. You shouldn’t miss out on having a great time when enjoying leisure activities.

Clue IQ provides a hassle-free escape room experience in Frederick, MD. Our flexible booking system ensures a smooth and enjoyable process for all our guests.

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The Journey Begins Here, Choose Your Adventure

At Clue IQ, our escape rooms in Frederick, MD, have been featured as a recommendation by Room Escape Artists in Washington, DC, adding to our credibility. You can choose from various themes to match your group’s interests and difficulty level.

We offer you the convenience and excitement of booking an escape room event at our facility in Frederick, MD. Simply browse through our exciting room options and choose from:

Operation Jingle Bells

This festive escape room at Clue IQ in Frederick, MD, brings the holiday spirit to life. Players are tasked with saving Christmas by finding Santa’s lost presents. It’s a fun, collaborative experience perfect for family and friends.

Crane Manor

Step into the eerie setting of Crane Manor, a thrilling escape room filled with mystery. You’ll need to unravel the secrets of this haunted manor to escape within the hour. It’s ideal for those seeking a dash of horror and suspense.


Embark on a royal adventure in the Excalibur escape room. Players must solve intricate puzzles to find the legendary sword and claim the throne. This medieval journey is packed with excitement and challenges.

Your Perfect Group Experience Awaits

Get everyone together for Clue IQ escape rooms! We’ve made booking a breeze with these 3 simple steps to reserve your spot:

  1. Browse our escape rooms
  2. Contact us to check availability
  3. Book your chosen room and get ready for a fantastic escape room experience

Your Next Adventure Awaits at Clue IQ in Frederick, MD

Searching for one-of-a-kind activities can be quite a fun ride. When you dive into these special events, you’ll feel satisfied and can’t wait for more exciting adventures!

Clue IQ offers more than a game. It’s a thrilling escape room experience that awakens your inner detective and crafts lasting memories. Ready for an exciting challenge? Book an escape room event in Frederick, MD, now

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