Clue IQ: The Ultimate Escape Room Experience in Frederick, MD 

Spending time with family and friends can be one of the best ways to make memories. Everyone wants to have experiences worth remembering. Something that will make you feel alive and create an emotional connection forever. That is exactly what Clue IQ offers – a unique and immersive experience you won’t find anywhere else.

At Clue IQ, we believe that true connection happens when people join forces in pursuit of a common goal. Our escape rooms have been designed to challenge your problem-solving skills and increase your team spirit. Whether you need to organize a team-building event for employees or enjoy a fun night out with friends, our escape rooms at Frederick, MD, are the perfect option.


An Escape Room Experience Like No Other

Our escape rooms are full of surprises that guarantee to make your experience even more thrilling. You’ll be confronted with tricky puzzles, mind-bending clues, and challenging tasks as you explore each of our rooms.

Not Sure Yet? Here’s Why You Should Choose Clue IQ

Fun for All Ages

Our escape rooms suit everyone, regardless of age or experience. (Minors can play under adult supervision).

Authentic Escape Room Experience

Our escape rooms have been designed with a professional level of care and attention to give players a truly immersive, exciting and unreal experience.

Safe & Comfortable Atmosphere

We ensure everyone is safe and comfortable when playing escape room games.

Hosting Any Event

We’re ready to host any private event, big or small. Our escape room events will make your special occasion even more exciting.

Choose From Our Most Popular Games

 Operation Jingle Bells

 Crane Manor



Working Hours

We are now exclusively open for scheduled appointments from 10:30 AM – 10 PM, 7 days a week.

Get Ready & Live The Excitement!

At Clue IQ, we’re passionate about bringing you a brand-new adventure the way you want. So why wait any longer? Check out our amazing escape rooms and book your next event with us! You won’t regret taking this journey of exploration, problem-solving, and fun. Make Clue IQ at Frederick, MD, your go-to spot for your family or friends’ next adventure!



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