Immersive Escape Room Experiences in Frederick, MD

Being a leader ain’t easy, especially when you’re trying to whip your team into shape. But here at Clue IQ, we’re all about giving your work squad the escape room adventure of a lifetime! Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a team-building novice, we’ve got you covered. Our challenges are tried-and-true and have been bringing joy to dozens of customers since 2018. So if you need a boost in morale and want to take your crew’s performance to the next level, look no further than Clue IQ!


Get That Team Building Going with Escape Room Events

As you’ll discover below, we’ve got a great selection of escape room games that are sure to fit the needs and preferences of your work team. So, let’s get to know them better now!

  • Operation Jingle Bells: Are you and your crew up to the task of stopping Slappy the elf’s mischief from destroying Christmas in less than an hour? If so, this is just the mission for you!
  • Crane Manor: Can you and your team rise to the challenge of locating the Headless Horseman’s head within a limited 75 minutes in Crane Manor? Then get going since Sleepy Hollow needs your help. 
  • Excalibur: Merlin will put you to the ultimate test of courage for an hour to determine if you are worthy of Camelot and Excalibur. Are you ready to be the next Arthur?

Test Your Escaping Skills Today

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Fun Escape Room Games in Frederick, MD, Await You

Don’t let your perfect team-building opportunity slip away by engaging in the wrong activity – make the most of it and allow Clue IQ, in Frederick, MD to help you take your group to new heights with an interactive game. Stimulate everyone’s abilities while having a great time together and create memories that will last far beyond this experience today!


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