Best Escape Room in Frederick, MD

Your family has a thirst for exciting adventures, but you’ve been stumped on how to quench it. That is, until now! Introducing Escape Rooms – the perfect way to get your clan’s adrenaline pumping while having quality fun with loved ones. It’s time for an incredible adventure in search of a puzzle-filled solution!

At Clue IQ in Frederick, MD, we offer distinct and intricate puzzles that are impossible to find anywhere else! With advanced technology at every turn and magical surprises around each corner, your family will be challenged with an adrenaline rush. You won’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind escape room event.

Let Us Explore the Adventures Your Family Can Take

Escape room events vary from one to the other, so read below to learn which one fits your family’s interest the best.

Operation Jingle 

Join us on a magical adventure, venturing deep inside Santa’s home – only to discover that all is not right. Slappy, the mischievous elf, has taken control and created chaos! Can you and your family step up in this high stakes 60 minutes challenge and restore Christmas magic worldwide?

Crane Manor

Your family has been appointed as the new Paranormal Response Task Force, with the mission to infiltrate Crane Manor. You must locate the Horseman’s missing head within 75 minutes to save the people he terrorizes in Sleepy Hollow – Will you unravel this cursed puzzle in time?


Are you ready to take on the challenge of a lifetime and become the new successor of Camelot? Merlin will test your strength, courage, and wit as you race against time. Can you prove with the help of your family that you are worthy enough to wield Excalibur and keep Camelot safe for generations to come?


It’s now your responsibility to save the world! Fight in the war and join forces with your family members as you embark on a daring mission – infiltrate an enemy bunker, secure a priceless artifact, and escape within 60 minutes before it is too late. Will humanity be able to prevail due to this top-secret operation, or will all hope be lost?

Have Fun at Clue IQ Escape Rooms

Your family deserves an unforgettable experience with challenging fun, not just a mundane adventure. Stop searching for escape room games Frederick, MD and get in touch with Clue IQ today! Our team will assist you every step of the way so that your loved ones can enjoy this unique activity from start to finish. Don’t let them miss such a remarkable opportunity – contact us now!

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