Embrace the Festive Spirit with ClueIQ’s Operation Jingle Bells

The holiday season is a magical time in Frederick, MD. The air is crisp, the streets glow with twinkling lights, and the spirit of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas fills the air. But sometimes, finding exciting winter festivities isn’t so easy. You’re looking for something fun, something different to do this holiday season, and ClueIQ is the perfect place!

Our Operation Jingle Bells escape room game is a cozy and festive winter activity to kick-start your holiday celebrations. We understand the usual holiday activities may feel repetitive and lack the thrill you crave. At Clue IQ, we believe no one should be left feeling bored during such a joyous time. And we’ve got just the thing to spice up your holidays!

Six players are helping Santa and the elves to restore the systems.

A Cozy Winter Activity In Frederick, MD

After the not-so-professional elf Slappy almost ended Christmas, you are responsible for saving it before the Christmas magic runs out! It’s already at 60%!

Operation Jingle Bells isn’t just another escape room game. It’s a warm, inviting experience designed to beat the winter chill. Step into our escape room and be transported to a cozy North Pole setting, complete with all the festive trimmings. 

Our room is designed to offer an immersive experience that combines the thrill of puzzle-solving with the magic of Christmas. Don’t let Slappy’s mistakes ruin Christmas for the whole world!


Celebrate with Friends and Family

Gather your loved ones and dive into the holiday spirit with our Operation Jingle Bells game. This isn’t a solitary endeavor – it’s a group activity that encourages collaboration and teamwork. 

What better way to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories than by working together to solve festive puzzles and uncover the secrets of the North Pole?

Kick-Off Winter in Frederick with ClueIQ’s Operation Jingle Bells

Ready to add a sprinkle of mystery and adventure to your holiday season? Here’s how to get started:

    1. Explore our Operation Jingle Bells escape room game on our platform.
    2. Choose a date that suits you and your friends or family.
    3. Book your slot and get ready for an unforgettable winter activity!

Avoid a dull holiday season. Instead, step into a world of festive mystery and exciting challenges. With Clue IQ’s Operation Jingle Bells, you’re not just playing a game but creating memories that will last long after the snow has melted.


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