Excalibur Escape Room

Lead your band of brave knights on a quest to free Excalibur and lay claim to Arthur's crown...
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Multi-Linear Puzzle Path

Non-Linear Game Space

Creative Thinking-Intensive

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Go back in time to an era of magic and wizards, and knights and kings.

King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have spent their lives protecting Camelot. Now the time has come for a new champion to wear the crown.

The wizard Merlin has been asked to seal the sword Excalibur back in its stone. And a series of challenges has been devised to test who is worthy of becoming Arthur’s successor.

Can you lead your team of knights to overcome the challenges, claim King Arthur’s crown, and retrieve Excalibur from its seal?

You have 60 minutes.

It’s time to plan your quest to claim King Arthur’s crown and free Excalibur!

Set a date, count how many members there will be in your merry team of intrepid knights, and finalize your booking.

If it’s an occasion to celebrate, you can plan a special event with us!

Number of Players:

Between 2 to 10 (we recommend 3 to 6).

Game time:

60 minutes.

Leaderboard Info:

21:54 minutes, 7 players, 0 hints.

Your adventure awaits 👉

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