Operation Jingle Bells

You Have 60 Minutes To Save The Christmas Magic...
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Multi-Linear Puzzle Path

Large Open Game Space

Brightly Lit Game Room

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Your joy at winning a private tour of Santa’s home and workshop was short-lived. They are facing a real Kringle crisis!

While everyone was busy with the annual Reindeer Games, Slappy the mischievous elf sneaked into the North Pole Flight Command and did a number on the control room.

As a result, Christmas Magic is collapsing around the world! Can you help Santa and his elves restore the systems and get the reindeer ready for flight before Christmas Magic runs out? You have 60 minutes.

It’s time to plan your adventure to the North Pole!

Set a date, count how many members there will be in your team of North Pole adventurers, and finalize your booking.

If it’s an occasion to celebrate, you can plan a special event with us!

Number of Players:

Between 2 to 10 (we recommend 3 to 8).

Game time:

60 minutes.

Leaderboard Info:

27:14 minutes, 6 players, 0 hints.

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