Conspiracy - Retired 10/04/2020

Investigate some of the most gripping conspiracies of our times!

Race against time to uncover some of the most deeply held secrets of our times!

You have gained access to a safehouse that’s hiding some of the most intriguing conspiracies of our times. Be warned, shadowy forces have been alerted to your presence and are in pursuit even as we speak. Can you join the dots and uncover the truth that could shatter reality as you know it?

You have 60 minutes. And, remember. Seeing isn’t believing.

Number of Players:

Between 2 to 10 (recommended 8).

Game time:

60 minutes.

Leaderboard Info:

34:19 minutes, 8 players, 0 hints.

Non-linear Puzzle Path

Intermediate to Expert Difficulty

Always Private

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