Holiday Hijinks - Part II - Retired 05/01/2019

Help Santa save Christmas for the entire world!

Can you help Santa outwit Slappy the mischievous elf and save Christmas?

Slappy the mischievous elf is running riot, once again! The Sleigh Command Center is in complete disarray. And without the Command Center, there are no sleighs for Santa to travel in, and no Christmas!

Team up with Santa to bring an end to Slappy’s mischievous pranks, and save Christmas…for everyone! You have 60 minutes.

Boy, that is one crazy elf!.

Number of Players:

Between 4 to 12 (recommended 6 to 8).

Game time:

60 minutes.

Leaderboard Info:

37:38 minutes.

Limited run event

Holiday special

Played at 120 E Patrick St.

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