Ready to Rise as a Legend? Dive into Excalibur’s Game Room in Frederick, MD

If you’re yearning for an adventure beyond the ordinary, the immersive Excalibur escape room of Clue IQ in Frederick, MD, is perfect. Step into the shoes of brave knights, solve medieval mysteries and overcome challenges to get the legendary sword and become the successor of King Arthur.

Gather your group of up to 10 people and embark on this thrilling medieval adventure. For an hour, you’ll be put to the test in all the right ways, giving you the perfect escape experience you truly deserve. Let the fun and excitement begin!


Enter the World of Excalibur Like Never Before

Since 2018, we’ve welcomed thousands of adventurous souls just like you. We’re thrilled to extend this incredible experience to you as well. Learn more about it below:

Immersive Medieval Experience

Step into the extraordinary Excalibur game room, and it will transport you to medieval England. Merlin has a unique quest for you and your friends – you must prove your worthiness for Camelot’s crown. Get ready to tackle interactive puzzles, create unforgettable memories, and become part of this incredible legend.

Authentic Atmosphere Made with Great Designs

We crafted this immersive escape room to bring you an incredibly realistic experience. Carefully designing every detail of the game room – from interactive sets and props to artful decorations – to draw you deeper into a genuine medieval atmosphere. With Excalibur’s high quality, you and your group will have a great time.

Your Epic Journey to the Mythical Sword Begins Here

To start your medieval adventure, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Decide the perfect day for you and your friend to experience the escape room.
  2. Visit our Excalibur game room page and book the escape.
  3. Visit us and get ready to be part of Excalibur’s legend. You and your group of friends will always remember this challenge. 
Three players are discussing strategies to complete the tasks.
A picture of King Arthur's sword.

Forge Your Legacy at Clue IQ’s Excalibur Game Room

Why settle for an ordinary adventure when you can dive into the extraordinary Excalibur escape room at Clue IQ in Frederick, MD? Immerse yourself in a uniquely captivating escape experience crafted with care by our dedicated team. Embark on the quest for Excalibur and become part of this ancient legend.

Let the quest of Excalibur begin! Hurry, book your experience today.

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