Team-building activities are a crucial part of the corporate ecosystem. Here’s how escape rooms can help strengthen the bond.

Corporate team building events are traditionally hosted under the open skies in broad daylight and comprise the same old boring get-to-know-me questions. While this strategy paid off during the initial days of corporate culture, remote working has forced the gurus to think beyond the conventional norms and come up with fresh ideas. Enter escape rooms!

Escape games are more challenging than conventional team-building activities and demand greater attention, teamwork, and communication. A team can only beat the game if they work in unison, motivating players to work together towards a common goal.

As a team leader, you’re constantly hunting for new and innovative strategies to motivate the team members and foster cognitive behavior. But this is easier said than done. Every member undergoes quite a lot of stress daily, which can hamper overall performance and communication over time.

Getting the pressure off and motivating people to work with renewed vigor is the need of the hour. And escape rooms accomplish that task quite gracefully. On that note, let’s analyze the top benefits of escape games for team building.

What Makes Escape Rooms the Best Team Building Activity?

We’ve handpicked the top reasons escape rooms are perfect for team building. Let us know if you agree in the comments below.

Boosts Team Spirit

Employees are the pillars of every company and are your most valuable assets. Hence, the company’s success depends on their job satisfaction. Happier employees work harder, boosting the company’s overall performance. Therefore, it’s paramount that they remain in good health and sound spirit.

Escape rooms work wonders in motivating people to work together towards a common agenda. Every room sets a target at the beginning of the game, and players have 60-minutes to attain this goal. A clear target and time restrictions motivate people to work together, and this camaraderie spills over to the corporate ecosystem.

Improves Communication

There are several reasons communication is crucial in a corporate environment. Escape rooms motivate people to set aside their differences and work together. For instance, players must gather missing pieces to solve certain puzzles, and it’s impossible to solve the mystery alone. Hence, working closely with your teammates is the only way to solve the puzzle without wasting precious time.

Escape rooms help instill accessible communication among teammates. And once you realize collaboration is the key to successfully finding solutions in time, there’s no going back. This is a crucial life lesson, especially in a corporate setting, as teams with better communication deliver better results. Escape rooms bring players out of their shells. And that’s what every team leader hopes to achieve.

Identifies Strengths and Weaknesses

Every individual is unique, and we all excel differently. An efficient team leader celebrates success amidst diversity and promotes a free environment where the employees can experiment and grow. Escape rooms highlight every player’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them focus their energy accordingly.

And once that’s apparent, it’s easy to leverage the knowledge to extract a team’s maximum potential. Escape rooms are packed with several puzzles and challenges that test a player’s grit and intelligence. Whether you’re an auditory learner, a visual learner, or anything in between, you must play to your strengths.

Leveraging every member’s strengths can compensate for the team’s overall weaknesses and deliver outstanding results. Clue IQ poses several unique challenges forcing players to go beyond their comfort zones in a bid to outdo themselves. And the results are excellent.

Promotes Collaboration

Escape rooms promote collaboration. The games are designed to include every participant, and it’s impossible to solve the puzzles alone before the timer ends. Hence, if a team is to win, the players must set aside all differences and collaborate to beat the game. And if you’re smart about it, chances are you’ll emerge victoriously.

Winning an escape game delivers a significant morale boost, and the results help improve performance at the workplace. Hence, we recommend visiting an escape room every few weeks to motivate teams to collaborate and improve overall performance.

Certain escape games require multiple players to take charge of specific challenges. This way, players are forced to split up into subgroups but collaborate for the ultimate goal. Qualities like these are difficult to nurture in the real world. Hence escape rooms are the perfect solution.

Fosters Creative Thinking

Solving problems is a vital part of every escape game. And while most puzzles are simple, certain others require out-of-the-box thinking to master. Players are forced to get creative with their solutions throughout the game, prompting individuals to take charge and venture beyond their comfort zone.

And a clock ticking continuously in the backdrop doesn’t help the situation. In fact, this additional pressure forces players to innovate, and those who endure the challenge emerge successfully. However, not everyone is built the same, and some people succumb to stress. At the end of the day, a creative team is a force to reckon with.

Instills Time Management Skills

Time management is a crucial cog in the corporate wheel. And teams must meet strict deadlines every day. However, not everyone is born punctual, which is a severe issue in the corporate ecosystem. There are several ways to inculcate time management into every individual. And escape rooms have the best track record.

Escape rooms force players to work together by splitting up into smaller groups. The trick is to break complex challenges and tackle them in bits. This helps narrow down the problem and address one issue at a time. The trick is to create milestones for every challenge and reward yourself for reaching the milestones on time.

Escape games are the perfect tool for practicing time management. And the lessons can be carried over to the corporate ecosystem. Escape games promote hierarchy and working in verticals. These are two critical skills that have a significant impact on real-world applications.

Nurtures Leadership Abilities

While we’ve all heard the phrase “leaders are born, not made,” nurturing leadership qualities early on is crucial for unlocking a person’s full potential. Escape rooms highlight leadership abilities by coaxing players to take charge every step of the way. And players that answer the call get one step closer to leveling up their skills.

One of the primary goals of a team leader is handpicking and grooming the best candidate to fill their shoes. That is easier said than done, as finding the right person for the job is a hassle. Finding a leader isn’t as simple as interviewing candidates for a position. And you must analyze several character traits before concluding.

Escape rooms provide the perfect platform for individuals to nurture leadership abilities. Not everyone can stay calm under pressure or step up and take charge when the situation demands. People that manage to hold their ground under stress are born leaders. Although, they might need a little practice to hone their skill. Escape rooms present the perfect opportunity to brush up on talent. We recommend playing a game every few weeks for the best results.

Boosts Decision-Making Qualities

The most efficient players in a corporate environment must be able to make quick decisions. But that’s easier said than done. Decision-making is a crucial skill, and not everyone is up for the challenge. You must consider several factors and analyze a situation from multiple perspectives before making a decision. What makes it even more difficult is that the elements are subjective.

The best decision-makers are the ones that can analyze situations and figure out the best way forward considering the circumstances. You must be confident enough to make decisions, and that’s a skill most corporate employees lack.

Escape games can slowly build confidence in individuals by forcing people to deal with the demands of the situation. And while the change doesn’t happen overnight, you will begin noticing a difference slowly but surely.

Change in Scenery

Working at the office can get monotonous pretty quickly. And in most instances, that spells doom for productivity. When you see the same faces in the same atmosphere every day while dealing with the same problems, you lack motivation and lose focus quickly.

Escape rooms get players out of the office for a change and present a different set of challenges, encouraging people to relish the change in scenery. Better yet, the prize at the end is incentive enough to work together and try to beat the room before the clock stops ticking.

Affordable Team-Building Solution

Corporate team-building events can be pretty expensive. The cost of renting a venue, gathering provisions for the event, hiring professional help, making food arrangements, etc., quickly adds up. Hence, if you’re hosting several team-building meets every year, the annual budget will shoot through the roof.

On the other hand, escape rooms are inexpensive and deliver far better results. Hence, it’s hardly surprising that most corporate firms quickly switched to physical and remote escape rooms for their team-building needs.

A day out at Clue IQ will set you back by $46 per person plus taxes for a 60-minute session. So, even if you host several team-building sessions every year, the cost is insignificant compared to what you’d be spending on a formal event. Celebrate your win over a gala meal and a few pints at a local pub before calling it a day.

A Thrilling Experience

Escape rooms are fun for the entire group as they’re designed to keep every player occupied for the entire duration. Players must work together as a team to solve the puzzles before time runs out. Thus, keeping the entire team occupied. Since everyone is inter-dependent, escape rooms encourage people to trust each other. And that is crucial for a healthy corporate ecosystem.

Create Memories for Life

Escape rooms are excellent group activities and help create memories for life. This is crucial for team building as you want the employees to unwind, have fun, and interact closely. Sharing a deep bond with coworkers boosts the collaborative working spirit, which is what every team leader wants to achieve.

Escape rooms encourage people to work together and play to their strengths. As you collaborate, communicate, and grow individually and as a team, you create long-lasting memories. This is all the more reason to visit an escape room with colleagues every couple of weeks.

Why Are Escape Rooms Amazing for Teamwork?

Escape rooms lay the groundwork for self-development and nurture crucial skills for the corporate environment. For starters, we often see players motivating each other in difficult times and appreciating their efforts when someone’s making headway. These behaviors instill confidence in a team while removing negativity from the roots.

By appreciating another’s efforts, we motivate them to work harder, which improves the team’s outcome. On the other hand, harboring jealousy and mutual hatred hampers performance, mitigates the collaborative spirit, and creates a toxic environment at the office.

At Clue IQ, we encourage players to work together, celebrate victories in tandem, and support each other in defeat. Winning isn’t the ultimate goal in an escape room. What matters is how efficiently you put your heads together to find a solution to the problems at hand. And escape rooms are perfect for the job.

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