10 Places To Go On Your Birthday In Maryland

Maryland is the best place to be when you think of a vacation or spending your birthday. Maryland has gotten everything, from mountains to oceans, antique stores to modernization, food, art, music, and culture! 

If you are a state citizen, you already know what to do, but we might just have better things planned for you on your birthday! 

Read ahead to explore unique places to go on your birthday in Maryland

1. Basignani Winery 

Tasting wines all day long and taking in all the energy! What can be the best birthday party venue if not a winery? 

Located in Baltimore County, Basignani Winery is run by a small, family-run business that is incredible to look at as it has gotten a rugged country vibe. 

If you are of legal drinking age, this is the perfect place to go for a short birthday trip.

2. Hike the Great Falls 

A series of waterfalls team up to form the Great Falls, located between the Virginia and Maryland border. The Falls are a place of great recreation as they gush down at a high velocity to form rapids on flat land. 

A dash of nature to take in; hike the falls and around with your friends in the morning. When you are exhausted with the beauty, you can try your hands at the different outdoor activities that are available surrounding the fall. 

Have a late lunch in the eateries nearby. And do not forget to watch the sunset on the horizon!

3. Visiting art galleries around the city 

If you are an artistic person, then this segment is for you. The Harriet Tubman Byway has all the pieces of work done by Harriet, intricately following her life and places where she experienced significant life events. A self-guided tour that shall take you on a unique path in life. 

Another museum that you can try out is the Baltimore Museum of Art is internationally renowned, carrying artworks and sculptures from all over the world. Various antique pieces, delicate artworks, wood carvings from Africa highlighting the silk culture in Asia, paintings from Europe, and many other incredible works of art have been preserved thoroughly. 

Spend your afternoons in the museum before you head for a gourmet birthday meal. Party later! Visiting museums is a definite unique adult birthday party idea!

4. Calvert Cliffs State Park 

Calvert Cliffs State Park is where the mountains meet the ocean! A picturesque view of a screaming landscape that seems to be freshly painted with colors, sand, water, and soil, making it a photographer’s heaven! 

Spend the day at the oceanfront. Pack a picnic or eat in the restaurants surrounding the area. Try your hand at the various outdoor activities available – boating, fishing, swimming, or even falling asleep on the beaches! 

You can collect bones of marine animals or go natural treasure hunting on the islands! 

You can even get a shark tooth as necklace wear! A real shark tooth.

5. Clue IQ Escape Room 

An incredible place to go on your birthday in Maryland; your adventure awaits at Clue IQ. Immersive, family-friendly, and unforgettable, this escape room is where you should be on your birthday. 

Six games to choose from, take your friends or family or cousins, divide yourselves into teams, and race against time! Choose yourselves a prize, or the losing team throws your birthday bash! 

Call us before so we can block your rooms according to your time slots. Each game takes an hour. 

Head here to plan an exciting escape room birthday party.

6. Six Flags 

Also known as the ‘Thrill Capital of DC,’ Six Flags is the amusement park with everything to keep the old and the young entertained if you are going out with your entire family! 

From splash pools to competitive games that bear prizes to the tallest roller coaster! There’s also a variety of places to dine in, shopping plazas, and sightseeing. 

Eat, play, shop, and repeat with your friends and family because it’s your birthday! 

Six Flags is the top-rated weekend getaway in Maryland!

7. McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area 

An incredible place in Maryland that draws thousands of visitors every year due to its both fauna and flora. 

There’s no entry fee, and the place is open to all. If you are visiting during the summers, you shall find acres of sunflower growing. At nighttime, if you are lucky, you can spot wild animals. 

The scenery is beautiful to observe and provides a calming environment as well. Carry a light picnic if you are traveling with kids and stay until the sunset. 

Spending time with wild animals is a unique way to spend your birthday. To plan a trip here, you can head to this website to plan accordingly.

8. Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) 

For all thrill-seekers, this space is your ultimate birthday place! Every activity is high-octane, which shall make your heart beat faster than average. 

A range of outdoor activities is available – kayaking, rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, mountain top white water rafting, paddle boarding, hiking, and biking! 

However, if you do not like extreme sports, you can simply be there and watch the thrill-seekers challenging themselves!

You can start with a light hike in the mountains, followed by adventure sports until you are satisfied! Watch the sunset before you head for a full-course birthday lunch! 

To plan for your trip, head to this website.

9. Rod N Reel Resort

Take yourself out on a bit of a date to Rod N Reel resort which has everything to make your birthday great! 

This resort is located in the Chesapeake Bay with an ocean view boasting various amenities! It has an open bar, a posh dining area, game rooms, pools to chill in, spa rooms, and everything with an astounding view! 

You do not have to leave this resort but spend your entire day doing activities! Hit the midnight bar, ushering your birth day with pomp and laces! And, of course, drinks on the rocks or shots! 

Visit the coasts early morning or during the sunset. You can also fish, boat or sail in the private marina that the resort has to provide. 

Do not forget accommodations! Get the best suite for you and your friends or the cheapest according to your budget! 

Undoubtedly the best place to visit in Maryland!

10. The Book Thing of Baltimore

If you are looking for a quieter place with no distractions and if you are a bookworm, The Book Thing of Baltimore is the place to be. 

More of a giveaway bookstore rather than a traditional one; this place does not sell books as much as it gives away to people who want them. However, you cannot resell the book later as it comes with a tag. 

The store runs on charity, donations, volunteers, fundraisers, and book re-sellers! If you are in the area, you should give it a visit. You can donate your old books or help them raise a fund, or volunteer for their store.

If you are still exploring places to go on your birthday in Maryland, head here. For teenage birthday parties, you can explore here

We wish you a great birthday ahead! Cheers!

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