Bring Your Dream Private Event to Life in Rockville, MD

Planning a surprise party for your loved one but struggling to find the perfect location? It’s a struggle no one should face, especially when it can stress you. At Clue IQ, we believe you should have the right place to celebrate. With this in mind, for over 4 years, we’ve offered our escape rooms for an amazing private event in Rockville, MD

Make the Event of Your Dreams with Us

Operation jingle bells escape room game by Clue IQ.

We have provided dozens of visitors with interactive and immersive escape room games. All with the help of cutting-edge technology. Now, you can also enjoy these benefits for family activities through the following options: 

Operation Jingle Bells: Unwrap the Fun

Celebrate the festive spirit any time of the year with Operation Jingle Bells. This Christmas-themed escape room offers an enchanting adventure perfect for your event.

Crane Manor: Journey Through the Haunted Halls

Dive into a thrilling adventure with Crane Manor. This eerie escape room will give your loved ones a chilling yet exciting experience. So, get ready to uncover the secrets within its haunted walls!

Excalibur: Embark on a Legendary Quest

Try to find the legendary sword in our Excalibur room. This game will take your guests on an epic quest they’ll never forget.

Blitzkrieg: Lead a Strategic Mission

Find an important artifact at Blitzkrieg. This World War II-themed space will make you race against time inside a bunker. Can you find what you need in time?

Three players are pulling the sword of King Arthur.

Put Your Escaping Skills to the Test

Exciting escape room games are just around the corner, ready to be enjoyed after following this simple three-step plan:


Make sure to check out the booking calendar for our awesome escape rooms. 

Take a moment to book the perfect date and time for the party to take place.

Elevate your family activities to the next level with our adventures.

Clue IQ: Helps You Surprise That Special Someone

Surprising your loved one with a fantastic private event in Rockville, MD, is now a reality with Clue IQ. With our exciting escape rooms, say goodbye to boring moments while enjoying unforgettable adventures. So, don’t wait. Reach out to us today, and let’s bring your dream celebration to life. 

Escape Room by Clue IQ

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