Top 12 Things to do in Damascus, Maryland in this Winter

Top 12 Things to do in Damascus, Maryland in this Winter

Located in the heart of Maryland, 40 miles from Baltimore, lies Damascus.

Famous for its rural heritage and small-town charm, this beautiful community sits cozily in a suburban oasis.

Apart from picturesque neighborhoods, Damascus boasts several outdoor activities during the winter.

And if you find yourself in the area, here’s everything that must be on your bucket list.

12 Must-Try Winter Activities Near Damascus MD

From exploring the culinary scene on Main Street to taking long walks on the trails of Branch Stream Valley, here are the absolute must-tries near Damascus, MD.

Explore the Beauty of Oak Ridge Park

Spread over 90 acres, Oak Ridge County Park used to be a golf course that was recommissioned as a park back in 2009.

Home of the historic Homestead Farm, it’s the ideal place to try your hands at several outdoor activities.

From playing baseball in the field to taking a horseback ride along the trails, Oak Ridge Park never disappoints.

Plan a Family Picnic at Damascus Recreational Park

Damascus Recreational Park is the ideal spot for a daylong excursion if you’re an outdoorsy person.

Spread over 284 acres of land, the park boasts a basketball court, volleyball court, and tennis courts for visitors.

Locals can also use the soccer and baseball fields for sports practice. There are reserved picnic spots at Damascus Recreational Park for families and friends to get together and spend some quality time.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, there is a hiker-biker trail to explore.

Dig in the Delicious Local Cuisine at Hornet’s Nest Grille

This cozy bar and grille in Damascus have been an integral part of the local community for the past two decades, and the owners take pride in staying true to tradition.

Hornets Nest Grille is famous for serving quality food prepared using fresh local ingredients.

Some of the specialties include American cuisine, a variety of local salads, sandwiches, soups, and other entrees at a reasonable price.

If you’re dining at Hornet’s Nest Grille, don’t forget to try their craft beer and local wine.


Tickle Your Taste Buds at Jimmie Cone

Jimmie Cone is one of the most famous ice cream shops in Damascus.

Known for offering a variety of standard flavors with a twist, several rare treats are also on the menu.

Better yet! The items keep rotating every week.

So, you always get to choose something new.


Hiking at Magruder Branch Trail

Stretching for 4.2 miles, Magruder Branch Trail meanders through scenic forests and lush green landscapes.

It offers some of the best views of the land and several bird-watching opportunities.

The trail is ideal for thrill-seekers to explore the raw beauty of Mother Nature.

If you’re feeling adventurous, follow the path south as it takes you down to Magruder Branch Stream Valley.

Head Out on a Shopping Spree

Damascus got its first shopping mall back in 2016.

Retail shopping downtown has never been the same ever since.

You can find everything that you might need under one roof. From new clothes to slightly used ones and designer dresses to casual wear, Style Me Sue Consignments at The Shops is a shopper’s paradise.


Go Antique Shopping at Appleby’s Antiques

Since 1986, Appleby’s Antiques has attracted locals and people from nearby towns for several decades. And over the years, the shop has gained a positive reputation among global traders.

The collection includes copper kitchenware from the Victorian era, squeak choppers, Wedgewood majolica plates, French copper molds, early 19th Century molds, and French crystal wine glasses.

Visit an Escape Room Frederick MD

Escape rooms are the ideal winter excursion.

They’re fun, exciting, and offer the perfect escape from reality with friends and family.

If you’re looking for an immersive gaming experience near Damascus, MD, Clue IQ is Maryland’s #1 escape room.

Rated the most advanced gaming experience in Maryland, escape IQ offers several unique room escape games for groups of all sizes and ages.

So, if you’re in town, pick a game that catches your fancy and book your slot now!


Dig Into Authentic Japanese Fare at Tokyo Fire

All that escape room madness is sure to get your heart pumping fast.

And what better way to cool your nerves than treating yourself to tasty Japanese food. Known for serving authentic treats from the Far East, Tokyo Fire is a must-visit when you’re in town.

The vast menu consists of appetizers, soups, sushi, tempura, teriyaki, hibachi, and several other lip-smacking dishes.

However, its highlights are warm and friendly ambiance, friendly customer service, and the option to customize combo boxes for lunch and dinner.


Treat Your Tastebuds at Maggi’s Pizza and Subs

Originally called Pasquales Deli, this family-owned restaurant and pizzeria have been in business since the 60s.

Three brothers have managed the restaurant since 2010, and it’s famous for serving delicious pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and gourmet dessert.


Watch a Live Theatre Performance at Brad Watkins

If performing arts is your thing, catch a live performance by local coach Brad Watkins.

Brad is a famous director, coach, and mentor for budding actors in Maryland who conducts workshops to help people discover their physical and verbal instruments.

With over 175 live performances under his belt, Brad Watkins is a local celebrity whose shows you mustn’t miss given the opportunity.


Take a Stroll Through North Point Neighborhood Conservation Area

Spread over 8.9 acres, this conservation area was set up to preserve Damascus’ natural environment.

Owned by the National Capital Park and Planning Commission, the conservation prevents any form of construction for domestic or recreational purposes.

However, it’s open for public use and offers loads of free space for the local community.


Looking Forward to Your Trip to Damascus, MD?

Damascus, MD, is a quaint town that induces a rustic feeling with its rich cultural heritage and rural charm.

Despite being a small town on the outskirts of Baltimore, Damascus packs several exciting activities for travelers.

From exploring the natural beauty of rural Maryland to experiencing some of the best local cuisines, there is no shortage of exciting activities.

The town perfectly balances its old-school charm with a modern twist.

And if you’re an adrenaline junkie, we strongly recommend exploring the several hiking/biking trails nearby.

But if you’d instead enjoy the excitement indoors, adventure awaits at escape room IQ.

Get in touch today for bookings.

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15 Amazing Wintertime Activities in Maryland

15 Amazing Wintertime Activities in Maryland

How many are on your bucket list?

Maryland’s diverse range of activities makes it an ideal place to visit during the winter.

On the one hand, you can ski down the quaint slopes of Western Maryland, while on the other, you can still enjoy the beaches.

This unique combination makes it possible to try your favorite wintertime activities like ice fishing and snowmobiling simultaneously with summertime favorites like afternoon walks and shopping.

On that note, here are the fifteen most excitable wintertime activities in Maryland.

15 Exciting Wintertime Activities in Maryland

We’ve got everything from outdoor adventure to treats for your sweet cravings on our list.

Try Your Hands at Sledding at Patterson Park, Baltimore

Patterson Park in Baltimore lies under a white blanket during the winter.

This is the perfect time to reach the top and make your way down on a sled.

Perched atop the hill is a beautiful pagoda, which offers the most stunning landscape view.

Don’t forget to start a snowball fight with friends while you’re up there!


Go Ice Fishing at Deep Creek Lake

While most people head to Deep Creek Lake for a swim during summer, this 3,900-acre lake changes color as winter approaches.

The frigid lake is the perfect destination for ice fishing in winter.

So, put on your gloves, coat, and hat, grab your pole, bait, and hot chocolate, and spend a day ice fishing.


Ride a Snowmobile at Garrett County

If you’d like to ride a snowmobile, head to Garrett County.

The Snowdrifters are an ace snowmobiling club that you can join for a whole lot of fun and frolic.

Since the locals are acquainted with most hidden trails, you’ll get the best experience riding with the club.

The Garrett County Snowdrifters offer one-day memberships. Although, you can stick around for longer.


Try Ice Skating in Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis has an incredible ice-skating rink that opens to the public every winter.

You should avoid the holiday week since the venue is always overcrowded.

Grab yourself a season pass and wait for a bright day to practice your ice-skating skills.

You won’t be disappointed.


Spend a Day at Wisp Resort

While Wisp Resort is a snowboarder and skier’s paradise, it packs several entertainment options for the laid-back traveler.

If you’re not in the mood to don a pair of skis and hit the slopes, hang out by the fire and sip on a cup of hot cocoa.

The bottom line is Wisp Resort has a long list of activities to keep everyone entertained.

If you haven’t found your favorite activity yet, you haven’t looked hard enough.

Solve an Escape Game at Clue IQ

Escape rooms are fun, especially when you’re playing with friends or family.

So, if you’re near Frederick, head out to Clue IQ, the #1 escape room in Maryland.

Escape room IQ offers a vast collection of exciting room escape games that offers 60-minutes of unadulterated fun.

So, pick your favorite puzzle and book your slot now!


Take a Train Ride Through Picturesque Western Maryland

The snow-covered mountains of Western Maryland are the perfect setting for a romantic weekend getaway.

The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad cuts right through the heart of the Allegheny Mountains and makes for the perfect escapade for two.

Don’t Miss the Six Flags Great Adventure

A kid’s favorite haunt! The epic rides, bright lights, and holiday treat highlight this family excursion.

So, grab the kids and head over to Six Flags in Prince George’s County on the weekend.

Don’t forget to click a picture with Santa once you’re done with the exciting rides.

Visit the Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum

If you love trains, you can’t afford to miss this one. The Festival of Trains is held annually at the B&O Ellicott City Station Museum from November through January.

You’ll find model railroads and toy trains with exceptional details.

There is also a Lego train if you’re interested in building a model from the ground up.

Watch the Lights Parade at the Eastport Yacht Club

Have you ever watched sailboats decked up to match the holiday spirit?

The Lights Parade at Eastport Yacht Club is where it happens.

The club hosts the event annually, and participants can grab their favorite latte or wait for dinner after the show ends.

Catch the Mesmerizing Lights Display at Sandy Point State Park

This fun beach destination turns into a holiday wonderland with crazy lights displays during winters every year.

Decked up for the holidays, Sandy Point State Park hosts over 70 static and animated light shows that you can watch from the comfort of your vehicle.

The event is a must-visit if you’re in Annapolis.

Enjoy Baltimore Restaurant Week

Held in January every year, the Baltimore Restaurant Week is the best time of the year to address your hunger pangs.

All eateries, from street stalls to fine-dining restaurants, offer significant discounts on the menu.

Some even go as far as serving three-course meals for as little as $20.


Check out the Winter Wonderland at Gaylord National Harbor

Every winter, National Harbor turns into a winter wonderland, complete with intricately carved ice sculptures.

The details will blow your mind, and needless to say, the event is viral among the residents.

While the theme changes every year, you will always find Father Christmas looking over the event.

You can also turn the one-day affair into a weekend excursion.

Don’t Miss the Festival of Trees

The Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Festival of Trees is a mind-boggling event where 600+ spectacularly-decorated Christmas trees are lined up for public display.

The event is held at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium and lasts for three days.

Popular activities include games, crafts, carousel and pony rides, and Santa Land.

Take a Stroll Through Downtown Annapolis

While there is something magical about the city in the summer, the charm of historic Annapolis amplifies during winter.

The cobblestones open as the tourists disperse, and wreaths and garlands are hung on the classic light poles.

Take a walk through downtown Annapolis for a holistic history lesson.

And grab some hot cocoa from a streetside café if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat.


We’re Thrilled About Winter. Are You?

All these crazy activities have us pumped for winter, and we can’t wait to try them out this year. Which of the above experiences are your favorites?

We’re incredibly thrilled about the escape room experience.

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